Packers’ defense can’t let up

The Green Bay Packers are coming off a grueling game in 90 degree heat and travel to London next week to face the Giants. If that’s not enough to deal with they have to face the greatest coach in NFL history Sunday afternoon. After beating Tom Brady they have to come home and beat Bill Belichick.

Yes the Patriots will be without starting quarterback Mac Jones it won’t really change their offense all that much. Bobby Hoyer has been around the block the Patriots are a running team first and foremost. This could look very similar to the Bears game with the Packers giving up a ton of yards on the ground. The problem is the Patriots’ defense is way better than the Bears. The Packers will probably once again have a hard time scoring on offense.

I think with home field advantage the Packers will find a way to put up 20 points, and that should be enough to win it. Packers 20, Patriots 16.

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