3-card Monty

If you’ve ever visited the Big Apple, you may have seen a game of 3-card Monty. It’s a game for grifters, and those foolish enough to think they can win. I’ve seen it on buses and subways. It’s pretty fun to watch, as long as my money isn’t involved.

The twists and turns. The slight-of-hand and the many flawed assumptions in the card game linked with New York, remind me of all the back and forth over Aaron Rodgers.

False narratives

Which of the following are true?: Jets owner Woody Johnson was prepared to give up two first rounders to get Rodgers; Rodgers was 90% “certain” of retirement pre-darkness retreat; the Raiders, Panthers and Dolphins would join a bidding war for Rodgers; the Jets have all the leverage; the Packers have all the leverage; the Elijah Moore trade to Cleveland “must” mean the Jets will give the Packers two 2nd round picks for A-Rog. The answer is?? None of it is true, or all of it is true, though we may never know, because we’ve all endured 2-months of hearsay, guesses, theories, opinions and wisdom from the darkness. Let’s be real, the winners in this extended standoff are NFL media sites and podcasters who are getting ratings like never before.

How much more hot air?

In the spirit of 3-card Monty, my theories and guesses are just as good as Andy Herman’s. My educated guess is grounded in reality and less insulting than another moronic Mike Florio rant. At the end of the day the Jets and Packers will complete a deal to move Rodgers to New York. The Packers compensation in return will seem great to many fans, and not nearly enough to others.

Why not another guess?

The trade will be announced between now and April 14th. Unless it’s not. The Packers will give up Aaron Rodgers along with their 15th pick in the 1st round, and also either a 3rd round pick or Tackle Yosh Nijman. The Jets will send their 13th pick in the 1st round, both of their 2nd round picks at 42 and 43. Lastly, the Jets will send a conditional 4th, 3rd or 2nd round pick in 2025. The quality of the pick will be set assuming Rodgers plays in 2024 and some combination of his performance and how the Jets perform in the regular season or playoffs in 2023 or 2024.

This will be the trade. Unless it’s not.

Gutey, keep your eyes on the cards. 3-card Monty, also known as a shell game, is not for amateurs.

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