Lifeless Packers drop second straight

Not ready for prime time. That is the 2023 Green Bay Packers led by new quarterback Jordan Love. The Packers put on another lifeless performance in prime time losing to the Las Vegas Raiders 17-13 last night. It was a battle of two shitty teams to put it mildly.

I was in attendance at Allegiant Stadium and everything could not have been set up more perfectly for the Packers. It looked like a solid 35-percent of the crowd was wearing green and gold. The Raiders have a terrible offense and are average on defense. The Packers should have came out fired up from the start to take advantage of these advantages. But nope.

Just like they did the two weeks prior the Packers offense was flat as a pancake right from the start. Whatever head coach Matt LaFleur is scripting for the first 15 plays of game sure as hell ain’t working. And this guy is supposed to be an offensive guru who is good with young quarterbacks? After being good the first six quarters of the year, Love has gone steadily downhill with the lone exception of the fourth quarter of the Saints game. Last night’s performance was downright ugly.

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Time to change the philosophy on offense

I’m not sure how or if LaFleur can change the direction of the team but one way would be to find a way to fire them up a little. They look like dead men walking on offense. They lollygag to huddle, lollygag to the line of scrimmage and even lollygag after the ball is snapped on some occasions. Yeah, I have to say it, they are a bunch of lollygaggers.

The only time Love has moved the ball recently has seemingly been in the two-minute offense. So why not try to run some sort of hurry up offense? The one part of the offense that hasn’t changed from Aaron Rodgers to Jordan Love is waiting until one second on the play clock to snap the ball. They always allow the defense to get set and by the time they figure it out they are rushing to start the play. It’s so stupid. Call the play, run up to the line of scrimmage and snap the damn ball.

The only good thing last night was the defense held the Raiders to 17 points. Of course, when given a 13-10 lead in the third quarter they let the Raiders go 75 yards for the game winning touchdown. But holding them to 17 is playing winning football when you have even a below average offense.

The Packers have two weeks to let these two losses sink in and figure out how to fix it. I’m not giving up on Love by any means. and neither is Rodgers. I think he’ll learn from this one. Especially that last pass. Christian Watson was wide open and Love threw him covered. Gotta pull the trigger faster. So like Rodgers says, deep breathes, deep breathes.

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