This is what rebuilding looks like

The current Green Bay Packers are not in the race for a Super Bowl. We have known this for close to one year now, from the great trade that took place in the spring. Their 19-17 loss against the Broncos in Denver on Sunday underscored this matter. There is a chance they might catch fire and vie for a wild card berth or even cause an upset in the wild-card round, though this is highly unlikely.

Led by their new QB Jordan Love, Sunday’s game was basically a battle of two struggling teams. The stage couldn’t have been better arranged for the Packers. It appeared that a substantial 35 percent of the audience was adorned in the team’s distinctive green and gold colors. The Broncos, known for their subpar offense and terrible defense, seemed to present the perfect opportunity for the Packers to capitalize on these advantages right from the opening whistle. However, it didn’t pan out that way.

Lackluster Offense

Just as they had in the preceding two weeks, the Packers’ offense lacked the initial spark they needed. After a strong start in the first six quarters of the season, Love’s performance has steadily declined, save for a standout fourth quarter in the game against the Saints. The display in last night’s game was nothing short of unattractive.

Whatever plays Coach Matt LaFleur is devising for the initial 15 plays of the game are clearly falling flat. This is the same person who’s renowned as an offensive mastermind and someone adept at working with young quarterbacks, right? We are uncertain about the methods or if LaFleur can steer the team in a different direction, but one potential approach would be to inject some motivation.

No complimentary football

Right now, the offensive unit appears to be going through the motions without much enthusiasm, resembling a group of individuals lacking energy and purpose. The sole positive aspect of Sunday’s game was the defense’s ability to limit the Broncos to 19 points. However, they faltered when, with a 17-16 lead in the fourth quarter, they allowed the Broncos to march right down field for the game-winning field goal.

Nevertheless, holding the opposition to 19 points represents successful football, particularly when you possess an offense that is considered below average.

We should not abandon our faith in Love under any circumstances. I believe he will gain valuable experience from this game, especially from his final pass.

This team won’t beat Dallas, Detroit, Philly or San Francisco. They could upset one of the rest of the rabble of NFC teams, but not the top four, who are all clearly a tier above the 2023 Packers.

Expectations for the Packers this year are not very high. We should however acknowledge that we’re just in the sixth week of a long NFL season. That said it’s crucial for the Packers to secure a victory in their next game.

A critical aspect for the Packers is restoring balance to their offensive game. Aaron Jones has been absent for most of the last five games. In his absence, the Packers’ running game has been virtually non-existent. Although he did see some playing time this week, head coach Matt LaFleur’s questionable decision to limit his snaps made it seem like a wasted spot on the game-day roster.

Building for 2024 and 2025

As many pragmatic Packers supporters understand, the team is in the process of rebuilding with an eye toward the 2024-25 season. The primary focus is on addressing salary cap issues and nurturing the potential of recent draft picks to become established talents. In my perspective, this implies that any potential trade executed by the Packers before the NFL trade deadline would likely be oriented towards next year rather than the current season. In other words, it would involve trading existing talent for the promise of future potential.

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