Packers turnaround is remarkable, can it last?

Geez, it seems like only a few weeks ago we were thinking how cool it will be to have a top ten or even top five draft pick next year. Now after a remarkable turnaround the Packers have a fairly good chance to make the playoffs. Of course that would depend on the Packers continuing to play like they did against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving.

Since the calendar turned to November the Packers are 3-1 with the loss coming at Pittsburgh when a missed extra point cost them a chance to put the game in overtime. They could easily be 4-0. After getting to 3-5 by beating the Rams on November 5 the general thinking was they would likely be 4-8 after 12 games. Then they might be able to make a run with some easier teams down the stretch.

Now they have a chance to get to 6-6 after 12 games and firmly in the playoff hunt. If you are a fan of NFL betting and believed in the Packers you probably made some good money in the month of November. The odds are changing, though, the Packers may be favored in four, if not five, of their remaining games.

Change of season

The last four weeks have shown the Packers come together as an offense like the one I expected to see all year. It just took longer than I expected. The Packers’ young receivers are starting to come together and along with quarterback Jordan Love the offense has become more vertical by the week.

Of course, this is the NFL. The Packers weren’t as bad as they looked when they were 2-5 and they probably aren’t as good as they looked on Thanksgiving. It would not shock me one bit if the Packers lost by 20 tomorrow night against the defending world champion Chiefs. But it also wouldn’t surprise me if the Packers won the game, either.

The biggest problem for the Packers in this game is Chief’s tight end Travis Kelce. The Packers never seem to be able to cover a tight end he’s the best in the business. And with Patrick Mahomes throwing to him, it could be child’s play for the Chief’s offense. Hopefully MVS drops a pass or three and the Packers’ offense doesn’t fold under the Chief’s blitz-heavy defense. I don’t think the Packers can win but they should be able to hang with this Chiefs team. I’ll say 27-20 Kansas City.

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