Flowers for Frenchie

Flowers for Frenchie

Jordan Love outdueled Patrick Mahomes. Matt LaFleur outcoached Andy Reid.

Yes, that happened. To have imagined such an outcome a month ago you’d have laughed out loud.

Many of us were turning our attention to how high the Packers would draft, after a convincing loss to Minnesota at home. Also, a Matt LaFleur firing in January looked more and more likely.

Not so today

In spring and summer LaFleur would often bristle when asked about “seeing the real LaFleur offense” now that Aaron Rodgers was gone. He said ‘it’s always been the LaFleur offense!’ But, we know it wasn’t. It was a fair question then, and we’re getting the answer now. Maybe Rodgers didn’t like all that motion, deception, and strategies to hold linebackers and safeties. Maybe A Rog isn’t the keeper-of-all-truth after all.

The Packers put up 27-points and 382-yards of total offense Sunday night against, arguably, the best defense in football. They did it without their best tight end, best running back and even their (long lost) best left tackle.

LaFleur’s offense is dynamic. It’s fun to watch. It appears to be challenging to defend. It’s decidedly different to watch than the, so-called, “hybrid” LaFleur/Rodgers offense.  Yes, outstanding QB play makes a big difference, but since the Coach was getting all sorts of criticism in the first 8 games, surely, we have to call out great playcalling and strategy when we see it.

Removing the Love training wheels

During the hardest 5-game stretch of the season the offense has come to life, taken leads, and held leads. Even when drives don’t deliver points, they almost all notch first-downs and bleed the clock.

Is it Jordan Love? Is it Christian Watson? Is it AJ Dillon? Is it Matt LaFleur? Yes.

It’s all of that plus defense and special teams that seem to look a lot different when playing with a lead. There’s a lot to look forward to in the final 5 regular season games. Matt LaFleur is coaching with confidence. He’s  moved his team firmly into playoff contention, and buried questions about his job security.

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