2024 Schedule is out

The Green Bay Packers 2024 schedule is out and while it has some unique elements to it, it’s not anything out of the ordinary for America’s team. The Packers have five primetime games right now but more than likely will pick up another one in the flex scheduling late in the year. The weird thing is that all primetime games except the season opener are week 13 and later. The NFL is banking on the Packers being in the hunt in late November and December.

I love the Thanksgiving game against the Dolphins That should be a fun night, and a good way to work off Thanksgiving dinner. Always a lot of walking going to Packers’ games around here. I was at the game the last time the Packers played on Thanksgiving night. It was 2015 and Brett Favre and Bart Starr were there and it poured the whole game. I mean poured! The Packers lost to the Bears 17-13.

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There are a couple of oddities

One thing that is odd but only for season ticket holders is the Milwaukee fans get all three division games this year. Since they tend to sell most of their tickets you can expect the Bears, Lions and Vikings’ fans to take over Lambeau this year. It’s high time the Packers pull the plug on that arrangement.

The Packers will put on a lot air miles with trips to Brazil, Los Angeles and Seattle, but they spread out nicely. No three game road trips, either. the whole schedule seems a little ho-hum to me. It seems like the Packers play the Rams and 49ers every year so playing that division kind of sucks. Same with the AFC South. Other than the Texans now none of those teams are too exciting.

It’s the fourth hardest schedule on paper but it seems the often ends up being the case. I don’t the schedule will affect the Packers return to dominance in any way. The Packers showed last year when they are playing well they can beat anybody. Last year it seemed like a death knell for the Packers they were sitting 3-6 and facing the Chargers, Lions and Chiefs in consecutive weeks. Three wins later the Packers were 6-6 and off to the races.

Now that the schedule is out we have something to look forward to. That always gets us through a few weeks of the offseason. OTAs and minicamps are up next. Game on!

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