Packers are getting a lot of hype

As we inch closer to training camp the Green Bay Packers are becoming one of the most talked about teams in the NFL. You can’t tune into any sports channel that is talking NFL without one of the commentators bringing up the Packers as a tough team to beat this year. Expectations will be super high when camp opens and I for one am going to really enjoy hearing the hype escalate further as training camp and preseason progress. Opening day in Philly is going to be huge.

The Packers have one of the best teams in the NFL because of the work of general manager Ted Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy. Thompson has put together one the most talented teams in the league and first-time head coach McCarthy has proven to be the right man for the right job. McCarthy has the respect of his players and a proven offensive system that has seen him turn around Brett Favre’s career and then develop Aaron Rodgers into arguable the best quarterback in the NFL without a ring. Kind of like the best player never to win a major.

This just might be Rodgers year. Since the debacle in Tampa Bay last year Rodgers has become the true leader of this team with a lot of help from cornerback Charles Woodson. Much like the old Reggie White-Brett Favre days the Packers have leaders on both sides of the ball. Woodson recently called Rodgers the best QB in the NFL. The way Rodgers came back from a poor start in Arizona last January was epic. If not for a soft pass defense in that game the Packers might have been playing in the Super Bowl. Believe you me the Packers will not be that soft this year against the pass. One thing about McCarthy, with the exception of special teams, when he says he’s going to fix something, he fixes it.

The Packers have enough talent and enough competition at every position that they should be even better than 11-5 this year. It will probably take 13-3 to win the NFC North, which I think will be the best division in football in 2010. The Packers are the up-and-comers with the youth and desire to win it all. The Vikings with or without Favre can be penciled in for 10 or more wins. The Bears are my sleeper team in the division and they scare the living daylights out of me. I’ve always been a fan of Mike Martz and the Packers struggled stopping John Kitna and Detroit when Martz coached there. If the Bears’ defense rebounds with Brian Urlacher back and Jay Cutler buys into Martz’ offense, the Bears are going to be a beast.

I hate to admit it but I love the Lions’ head coach Jim Schwartz. He has a plan much like McCarthy did when he came to Green Bay and Schwartz will stick to it even if it takes a few years. The Lions have greatly improved their talent level since he became coach and the Vikings might have given the Lions the greatest gift of all when they traded with them in the draft allowing Detroit to draft Javid Best. Only the Vikings could be that stupid. I don’t see the Packers losing to the Lions this year, but that 19-game home winning streak over the Lions might not go much past 20.

Two weeks from Friday we get underway. I’ll be at the Packers’ shareholders meeting the day before. The Packers’ financial statement usually comes out that day but tomorrow the Packers will deliver the news ahead of time and it figures to be bad. The Packers might need a Super Bowl run to keep the franchise alive and kicking. I think it is coming. The Saints won’t repeat, the Vikings never win anything, no team in the NFC West is any good anymore, which leaves only the Dallas Cowboys standing in the Packers way. Seems like old times.

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  • Roy Jamison

    Espy award for.. Best Drama…for the fifth or sixth year straight year goes to…Brett Favre…you’ll also see him star in more Wrangler and Sears ads I suppose…that’s if he returns for another year…LOL

  • jimmyus333333

    Barry Alverez believed he could have a fine team, but needed 3 All-Americans on the roster to make it to the Rose Bowl.
    I think that number needs to larger then 3 for a Professional fb team to become a Super Bowl champion.
    In 96, we had 5, Favre, Rison, Reggie, Desi & LeRoy….but there were also other near pro-bowlers on that team…Jackson, Hentrich, Timmerman, Levens, Eugene….
    Thinking that this is a numbers game at this point in the season, do the PB numbers add up this year? Do we have 5 sure-fire pro-bowers, and 4-5 near PBs this year?

    That’s what it’s going to take to even get close.

  • Mel e Mel

    Jennings, Rodgers, Woodson, Collins, Matthews, plus Finley, Grant and whichever other reciever emerges. Thats real simple. However I believe subtraction of players like Babre and Harrell (Justin) and to a lesser extent Korey Hall. Hall because there is no way in the universe the Pack is deep enough to keep 3 fullbacks.
    Keeping Babre sends a message that mediocrity is tolerated. Harrell well you know…

    Our oline is the reason we didnt advance in the playoffs last year. (I will address the defense later.) I watched the Cardinals vs the Saints and they didnt even think about the same blitzes they threw at us.

    The Pack needs a ball control element to their game. Grant has too much of of a workload. Once he comes out the game, the entire stadium knows a pass is coming.

  • http://Orlando Mark

    jimmy, winning teams usually get more pro-bowlers than they deserve. Teams that get a lot of ink get higher numbers. It’s pretty meaningless. #4 made the pro-bowl with the Jets based on early voting, how is that relevant. The Saints had a lot of holes but got by on aggressive play calling and a reliable QB, not great talent.

    • jimmyus333333

      I’m not so much interested in if they ‘make’ the pro-bowl, but have players that play like they belong there.
      I’d say that Favre, Rison, Reggie, Desi & LeRoy all played like that late in the year…with Jackson, Hentrich, Timmerman, Levens, Eugene as the ‘me-toos’.
      …That was quite the team Ron built. It’s going to take some convincing for me with a few games past the pre-season to see if our current lot can measure up to what talent is required to make it to the SB.
      I can’t make that kind of call with the way the roster looks today. Rocky can. Al can. A few of the press can….I think our team is way too young and inexperienced to make the leap we need.

      • http://Orlando Mark

        With Hentrich and Desmond Howard, point taken. We need to catch a little lightning by trade or waiver wire or we’re the Chargers, because of our return game.

        • jimmyus333333

          hum…of all teams to mention, the Chargers…..Interesting…
          From Wiki
          “Smith was named Executive of the Year in 2004 by CBS after the Chargers reversed the previous year’s record of 4-12 and went 12-4 on the way to an AFC West title. In 2005, the Chargers went 9-7 yet failed to make the playoffs and were criticized for their inability to win close games early in the season”

          Could that make this year a 9-7 year?

          • http://Orlando Mark

            Just that the Chargers win their division every year, have great personnel and are always the “hot” team and never get to the SB. I expect we’ll win our division, we’re already the “hot” team and we’re not going far in the playoffs with our return game of the last couple of years.