Underestimating the Lions ineptitude

Brett Favre showed his running skills again and the Lions’ first team couldn’t handle the Packers’ second team. It was a great day to end the regular season in Lambeau Field. Yes, I thought the Lions would win because the Packers were not going to play their starters much, if at all, I expected a close loss, not the end of the world. I said the starters would build a lead and they did, I also said the second-team would blow the lead and they didn’t. I guess I’m not a fan. Or so I’ve been accused.

What really happened today is what I was praying for, a great performance by the starters to build a lead and a good enough performance by backup quarterback Craig Nall and the Packers’ secondary to hang on. From the beginning, the game was never close. Favre was on fire from the start and the offensive line was opening holes for running backs Ryan Grant and Brandon Jackson, who replaced an injured Grant in the second quarter and rushed for over a hundred yards

Nall was nothing special and after Favre scored three touchdowns in three drives the Lions were heading for the airport so Nall didn’t have to do much. One thing Nall did show is that Aaron Rodgers better be healthy in time for the playoff game.

My MVP for the game is Jackson. Coming into the game Jackson figured to get a lot of playing time and his performance definitely puts him back in the mix next July for the starting running back position. Jackson showed some great moves and was able to get his yards behind a makeshift offensive line which was substituted early.

Getting a big win and going 13-3 means so much more than laying down and finishing 12-4 with a two-game losing streak. The Packers and head coach Mike McCarthy did a good thing for football today as well the fans of the Green and Gold. I wasn’t expecting the Packers to look as bad as the Dallas Cowboys did in Washington today, but I was expecting the Lions to play a little harder in an attempt to finish 8-8, like the Packers did in Chicago to end last season at five-hundred. Guess I was wrong.

I’ll give you my playoff predictions in the coming days. Nice to have a week off to let the Packers’ 13-3 record soak in. From 4-12 two years ago to the best record in the NFC this year. I’m still in shock, and after today I think the Packers can beat any of the three teams they may face in two weeks. That has to be scary to my faithful.

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  • Paul

    PLEASE!!! Don’t predict a Packers win!! We’re doomed!

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think my father was writing this blog.

  • TRIP

    You were kind of weary in picking the Lions, sir. The Packers lost a bad one last week but the conditions were crazy and they simply were not ready for that. To think the Lions would defy history, a team that laid down its promising season this year, and beat one of the most dominant teams in the NFC, is quite bogus. But, we’ll forgive you! lol

    Cut Nall some slack. The dude was signed mid-year. And this isn’t Mike Sherman’s system anymore. Brandon Jackson had a good game, but Ryan Grant had a good season. Grant has room to grow and next to his big runs, he can work on the short ones, turning 2 yard runs into 4 and 5 yard runs. But he’s good and he’s our starter. Remember

    13-3 was a surprise. But your negativity throughout wasn’t, Al. We commend you for atleast being honest and consistent. 🙂

  • register_allocation

    For what Craig Nall is — a 3rd hand cast-off QB who hasn’t taken a snap in 3 years — he did a fine job. The offense put together 3 scoring drives while he was under center. Even against a Lions defense that wanted nothing more than to go home, that ought to be good enough for a backup job somewhere next year.

  • snyz

    Let’s all sit back and enjoy the bye week!!! They don’t come often so it’s worth basking in the glow a little bit.

  • Mel

    ALAN FANECA is available in Free Agency. This is last piece of the puzzle that GM Mike Sherman screwed up. Alan FANECA

  • Mel

    Seattle time. This is the same Seattle team that lost at Cleveland, At Home to Arizona and home to New Orleans. Ryan Grant should be able to challange Eric Dickersons Post-season rushing Record. 248 yards.