Vikings Better Than the Packers, For Now

After having been swept by the division rivals I think it is fairly clear that the Vikings are the better team in the division, for now.  However, from what I saw, the season is not over.

It hurts to have lost to our most reviled division foes, and that #4 stuck it to us pretty good, but it is not yet time to throw in the towel for the season.  That was a pretty close game, and if the Packers had played the first half like they did the second, the outcome might have been different.

Now, the Packers are 4-3 and have been swept by the Vikings, but so far in 2009 the Packers  have lost to only two teams, the Vikings and the Bengals, both of whom are turning out to be very fierce competitors. The more difficult part of the schedule is coming up, but I could realistically see us losing only 4 of the rest of the games (vs. Pittsburgh, Arizona, Dallas, and Baltimore), which puts the Packers at 9-7, which we’ve seen in the past could still possibly be good enough to get us into the playoffs.  Now, the question is, will the Packers improve enough over the next 9 games to be able to compete with the likes of our purple foes?  I think so.  Barring serious injury to one of our key players, I think that is very doable.  As we saw this past Sunday, we are not far off from being able to beat the Vikings already, and let’s face it, that is saying something.  As much as I hate to admit it, the Vikings are pretty damn good.

I predict if the Packers can limp into the playoffs and they happen to meet the Vikings for a third time this season, the Packers will have it in them to pull off the win next time around.  And in that situation #4 will likely have that sinking feeling that he might throw the game away when it counts (again).  This time around, I would welcome that.

Stay optimistic, Packer fans!  The world (season) has not yet come to an end!  We still have a pretty good team that has it in them to be great.


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  • packer_bob

    Al, welcome back! I was just going to post in the other thread that you should let us all know you hadn’t migrated to the great beyond just yet.

    A couple of guys I worked with were giving me grief that somehow your last message sounded like a suicide message and they were blaming me for it.

    Good to see you back at it! Now I’ll actually read your blog entry above.

  • Read a little more carefully…that was not Al

  • Kevin you stoned…I love your faith on the pack. But C’mon Man this team is closer to imploding than making the playoffs.

  • packer_bob

    I actually agree with most of your post Al, except I wish we could get away from constantly comparing us to the Vikings. They should be better than us, they’ve actually taken steps to make it that way.

    Having said that, the goal is to keep getting better each week and prove that we can defeat a good team. And stay healthy, a few injuries could put on us a slide like last year.

    As the Cardinals demonstrated last year, if you can just get into the playoffs it is possible to peak at the right time and do things nobody would have thought possible just a few weeks before. That should be our goal at this point, win as many as possible, find a way into the playoffs, and hope we can rise from there.

  • packer_bob

    Oh, shoot, I jumped the gun big time there. Should have noticed by the lack of vitriol regarding Favre and the admission that the Vikings were better. Was thinking maybe Al got on some mood drugs.

    C’mon, Al, you big baby! At least let us know you’re all right!

  • Pete H

    I don’t want the Pack to limp in at 9-7 having lost to all the above teams you mentioned. To me, that shows little to no improvement. They have to be able to beat someone with some talent. I’ll be very frustrated if we can pound away on limp ass teams all year, but crumble under the gun of a good team and continue to make all these same lame ass mistakes. They can beat ANYONE in the league. They can also lose to anyone in the league. The talent is there. I see Ahman supplanting Grant by seasons end, with Grant looking for a new team and the Pack looking for a new back.

  • kevin

    pack -10.5 should cover it

  • dd

    Thanks kevin for posting something for the packer fans but if you dont mind can you please tell us how Al is doing?

  • Mike from Arizona

    I believe the wild card will have to win 10 games because there are so many bad teams this year. It is possible that 8 teams could only have 4 wins or lower.

  • I could see it happening Kevin, but Packer nation doesn’t have the patience. The deal we made with the devil in 1992 is coming due.

  • 25 Yrs Pack

    Deal with the devil is right, the perfect statement.