Forget the Lockout… What is your favorite Packer moment ever?

By Rick

I found my self playing Madden 2003 with my youngest son on the old PS2 in the back room. We were exiled there because the PSN network had just come back up and all the teenagers in town seemed to be on my PS3 playing Portal 2 with the oldest boys in the front of the house. I think they emptied the town of chips and soda.

We had a good time but as we were playing I remembered what we had posted about the Seattle Seahawks Playoff win with Harris returning loud mouth Hasselback’s pass for the game winning TD. I mentioned it to my son and he did not remember it so I youtube’d it for him. We spent an hour looking at the Ice Bowl, the Desmond Howard KR in the Super Bowl, just a lot of Packer moments. As I laid down to go to sleep that night I thought, what is my personal favorite Packer moment?

Mine is watching my first Packers Football game in my new house when my oldest child was just an infant and while Mommy finally got a day away. I was devastated when I watched a Bengal player bring down the Majik man and he was hurt and out of the game. I knew Brett Favre was a wild man in college with one of the biggest arms I had ever heard of but I did not expect the win or what it really was the beginning of, a legend.

So what is your favorite Packer Moment ever and why??


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  • chris k

    I really think it was an intense special moment when Brett and the Packers traveled to Oakland after Big Irv’s death.. It was almost impossible for a bad play to happen!!! He was throwing hail mary’s to Javon and was almost like an angel was seeing over that game! That was EMOTIONAL!

  • Ice Bowl. This time Starr was the canny composed veteran that Van Brocklin was all those years before. Glad I was a young man for that ending.

  • Kevin Roth

    I was at the Metrodome with my Dad when Favre broke the touchdown record. Favre was a still a hero of mine back then, and that was such an incredible moment. They stopped the game, and Marino came on the big screen to congratulate the man. Vikings fans and Packer fans alike stood for a long standing ovation. Brett Favre never had so much respect as he did at that moment.

  • Steve Cheez

    I gotta say, the Cincy game when Majik went out is a classic. You had the comeback, the new gunslinger, T-Buck with a fumbled punt and a TD return. The only downer was that day I was relegated to the 9-inch black-and-white set in the spare bedroom. Thank God Mrs. SteveCheez has come around to become a true backer.

    • Rick

      My B&W was the garage TV for many years…. I remember those tin foil rabbit years days LOL

  • Steve Cheez

    Sorry, Mark, the Ice Bowl was just a little before my time. But I do remember my Mom telling me that I should eat my grapefruit beause Travis Williams eats his.

    • Love this comment. By helping us get home field the Roadrunner was the ultimate 4 leaf clover that a great but aging team needed for it’s last hurrah. Beep, Beep.

  • Steve Cheez

    A couple great moments I was fortunate enough to have seen in person. The instant replay game and the Marcol TD game.

    • 4205

      I’d vote for the instant replay game as well, along with the cartoons and commentary that followed. As has been said and confirmed many times, the Bears still suck.

      • Rick

        BEARS STILL SUCK!! 🙂

        • 4205

          I never tire of here that line!

          • 4205

            wow – an edit fundtion would be great (or rereading before pushing enter I guess)—

            I never tire of hearing the line – the Bears still suck! All caps is a nice touch.

          • Rick

            Don’t feel lonely 4205, I am the king of needing an edit function. LOL

  • Mel e Mel

    Blowout victories vs Dallas in 1997 and 2010 almost as good as the Super Bowl.

  • Steve Cheez

    The ’94 Halloween blizzard game in Chicago was a lot of fun. I think Favre started out about 0 for his first 18 throws, but Holmgren called a timeout right at the end of the 1st quarter so the Bears had to punt into the 60-mph gale. I swear, the think literally went backwards. The best part was they had a big ceremony planned for halftime for some of their “greats” (Butkus, Payton, something like that). By that time it was about 30 to nothing and the old farts could barely stand up.

    • Rick

      I forgot about that game. That was crazy.

  • iccyfan

    I’ll go along with Steve Cheez and abuse the Bears some more. September, 1995 – Brett Favre to Robert Brooks 99 yard TD Pass on Monday Night Football. My two eldest children were babies (April, 1994 and July, 1995) and I was attempting to rock my infant daughter to sleep. That attempt was abandoned as I had both Favre and Brooks on my fantasy football team!

    • Iccy, they had fantasy back then? Was it online? Funny story.

  • Deek

    I have to agree with Chris K, that the Monday Nite game at Oakland was the best football game I’ve have ever seen. The only regret I have, of that game, is the comment by the receivers; “That they catch every pass thrown to them.” I would expect, for the millions of $ they receive per year, that should be their mantra, every game.

    • #4 was able to get his receivers to play a little better anyway and that night their focus and poise was unworldly. Don’t forget it’s the DB’s job to bump nudge and pester receivers so it’s harder than you think.

  • Justin

    Super Bowl XXXI, Favre to Rison for the TD. I was watching with my infant son and I jumped up and started yelling which scared my son who then started crying. I will always remember that moment.

    • Rick

      Awesome!! I mean the play not the scaring of your child…..

  • LarryTex

    Award winning moments all, but befitting my senior status I’ll take Super Bowl I win. Anybody remember the “Hammer”. The true Football World Champions. Whipped that upstart bunch from the other league to a pulp.
    Other moments I tend to remember as memorable (not all very successful as you will see) were organizational in nature: Hadl trade, how great that was, the best QB in football coming to the Pack; Starr becomes HC, how fitting, trouble was (oh forget it you know that turned out); Gregg becomes HC, now theres a proven winner who will turn things around in a hurry.
    Those are the cumulation of lo these over 50 years of my Packer support.
    Modern day I have to go with the Favre performance after Irv’s death as the most enjoyable.

  • Servius

    For me it has to be when Reggie White sacked Steve Young in the 96? playoffs and forced a fumble.

    I was watching at Gabes by the Park in St. Paul, and as the play developed, you could hear this collective breath intake in anticipation as everybody saw what was about to happen then a great cheer when White drilled him and popped the ball loose.

  • Bruce

    Chester Marcol TD and the harrassing I gave Don Beebe (who goes to my church) over that game as the story he tells is that Desmond Howard had wet pants and took time to change into dry pants and missed the getting in the play at kick return. So Beebe went out and got clobbered on the kick return and hurt. I always disliked prissy “dry pants” Howard after that…..

    • Rick

      So says the man with the Packer’s tattoo on his leg

      • Rick

        That was @ Bruce

      • Rick


  • Larry

    SB XXXI in general…my kids were young, dressed to the T in GB stuff. Big plays abounded and then Desmond returns the KO to ice the game. Great memory.

    • Rick

      I loved watching that SB Larry. Yes GB won but it was just such a Green Bay day. I just felt we were going to win. You a correct, what a great memory.

  • stCroixCheese

    Reggie’s two sacks in the super bowl. Desmond’s kickoff return fired us all up, and Reggie put the game away. It was the “dagger” moment IMHO.

    I had spent my whole life hearing my dad mention the glory days, waiting every year for a return to glory. I had said “the pack is back” about 4000 times, but it was finally true. Plus at that moment who thought Favre would only win one SB?

    • LarryTex

      Not until the roster was set for ’97. Too many losses and REGGIE was hurting. Enough to get us back but the “Cry Baby” and Z-blocking were too much for us. Ironic for a 13-3, 13-3, and 11-5 team; we were the PATS of the day.

      • LarryTex

        Until REGGIE left.

      • And I hate to say it, Holmgren.

        • monkeon

          I often wonder what might have been if he would have stayed

      • LarryTex

        Absolutely, he was the only one who could put some control on BF. You know, I’ve always put a knock on Farve for throwing into those 3
        +DB coverages, but maybe those were some times just long punts.

  • monkeon

    The 95 to 97 teams had so much talent and swagger…the games were just so FUN to watch…the SB XXXI season you felt it building to the Championship. This year there was so much adversity to overcome…

    • Total shock to me this year. I have to keep pinching myself. Can’t wait for the season to start to see where this group can go. Although a bit of a late start could work to our advantage. Maybe the league will allow bigger rosters to make a late start more practical which would be even better.

  • Cheesecurd

    My favorite packer moment that I witnessed (not old enough for the good ol’ days) was when favre lunged into the endzone as time expired against the falcons in ’94 to make it to the playoffs, as the packers ended their playing days at county stadium. It was then that I knew we’d win a super bowl w/#4. I’d have to say a tie is now Rodgers near perfect game against those same falcons in their house in the playoffs this year. There was no single dramatic moment but by the end of the game, I felt the same way about Rodgers as I did about Favre back in ’94. Only didn’t have to wait 2 more years before winning the SB w/#12.

  • Pete

    My favorite is still the first Packer game I attended at Lambeau. December 26, 1993 against the LA Raiders, tied for the third coldest Packer game of all time (0 degrees and WINDY). Went with my Mom. The Raiders didn’t have a chance! I still remember how cold they all looked, especially on the sideline, they couldn’t wait to get on the plane back to Cali. The Pack won 28-0, and the biggest highlight was when Reggie sacked the QB, LeRoy scooped up the fumble, scored a TD, and did the first Lambeau Leap…and of course we all went crazy.

  • Scott

    Mine is 2003 last game of the season. The Pack had the game in the bag but needed the Vikings to lose to make the playoffs. I was in Lambeau with no idea what was going on in AZ. I noticed a lot of people were looking back at the boxes. A guy listening to the radio said that the Cardnals were driving to knock the Vikings out and us in. When Poole caught the touchdown all I knew is that the people in the box were going crazy! As I turned around you could see the entire stadium slowly erupt. Word got around and we all went crazy. The players, in a tv timeout I believe, had no clue what had happened. As it went on the players found out and started to celebrate. Our end of the year run, including the Okland game, had paid off. It was something to see the players learn their fate from the greatest fans in the world!

  • Steve Cheez

    The 48-47 Washington MNF was fun.

    • ScottS

      I was in the Army then and watched that game in the barracks with a room ful of Redskin fans. Most definitely a fun night I will never forget.

  • UN57

    “72 Season Leland Glass catching the winning touchdown pass from Scott Hunter on MNF with about 10 seconds left against Detroit…my Sunday school class won a bet with the Navy Base Chaplin who was from Detroit…he had to take us all out to Dinner! Remember the MNF game aginst New England in the late ’70s where we were big underdogs but kick some butt but my Fav would have to be the Rams game where we were down 23-0 and came back and won 35-23!

  • Sheesh

    The year after the Ravens won the Super Bowl they came to Green bay running their mouths about Favre’s greatness would be measured against them as the were the greatest defence of all time. Don’t remember the exact numers but Favre had like 4 td’s and we whipped them

  • Rick

    I am loving these memories. This is so much fun to read everyone’s favorites.

    It is fun being a Packers fan.

    Oh and 4205 I agree……. BEARS STILL SUCK!! 🙂


  • Pete

    Does anyone else really miss Jim & Max on the radio? They were great to listen to, back when there was no TV delay and you could turn off the network guys. So many classic calls, hard to pick a favorite…I always liked the “he dives into the end zone” call of that 1994 playoff game against the Falcons that Cheesecurd mentioned. Wayne L is okay, but he needs to stop doing those “dagger” calls. Premature dagger…

    • Steve Cheez

      Yes, I miss them too. How ’bout “I can’t believe he dropped it!” (Yancey Thigpen). And I think it must have been in Max’s contract that at least 47 times each game he had to say “Well, you hit that one on the head, Jim.”

      • Rick

        Oh wow, how true

  • Mel E Mel

    I could listen to Jim Irwin read the phonebook. I remembers his calls during the 1989 Cardiac Pack season. Pure GOLD

    • Steve Cheez

      I heard him when Jacke hit the FG to beat the Bucs. I didn’t even have the radio on!

  • dave76

    The two for me are Brett running off the field like a kid with his helmet in the air in SB XXXI. I have that on a bradford exchange plate in my Packer room. The other for me has to be Aaron holding the Lombardi Trophy high above his head with Clay behind him and their champions hats and shirts on. For Aaron to have to go through everything he did in following a legend and finally get to that moment, was a very special time. Wish I could have watched the Lombardi era live, but at my age I must settle for the DVDs. Lots of great moments brought up on here though, almost too many to narrow down. Great to be a Packer fan.

  • packbuck

    Took my son to the Superbowl this year.

    The game was about to kickoff and I had $3,000 in my pocket to scalp us 2 nosebleed tickets. I knew our changes were slim, but I had scalped several times before. I told my 14 year old son that the chances of us getting into the game were really slim. The game was going to kick off in about 10 minutes and I was hoping scalpers would have some extras. I went over to the scalpers and they said, “don’t even come over here unless you have $3,000.” I said, “I have $3,000. I need 2 tickets together.” They said, “let’s see what we can find.” After making some phone calls… nothing. We were out of luck. It was like–if anyone had tickets to the game–they were going. I said, “how about party passes?” The scalper said, “they’re $500 each.” I said, “I need 2.” He said, “I have one. Let me call and get one more.” He couldn’t get another. We were out of luck. The Air Force fighter jets flew over head and I knew kickoff was almost upon us. I said to my son, “let’s go to the parking lot and watch the game with tailgaters. We ran to the parking lot. Once we got there–we saw that there was not a single tailgater! I looked down on the ground and saw red and white paint every where saying it was prohibited. Jerry Jones was forcing everyone to buy his party passes.

    We quickly improvised and made our way to a hill and broke out our binoculars. I thought we’d be using them in our nosebleed seats. No one could see the game from where we were, unless they had binoculars (no one had binoculars). Who would–with that huge screen inside the stadium? We could still see the $500 Jerry Jones Big Screen Party Pass TV’s (for free) and hear the giant speakers. This was the only way to see the game, since Jerry Jones had put up 10ft high walls around the stadium to prevent anyone from seeing the big screens. We were soaking up the Superbowl at the stadium–we just weren’t inside. When the Packers went up 21-3 a couple of Steeler fans were pissed off and disgusted and were walking past me and my son. They stopped and one of them yelled, “HEY!” I pretended like I couldn’t hear her until she said, “hey do you want these?” They were their party passes. They were so disgusted with the Steelers losing 21-3 that they GAVE us their passes for free and we got into the Party Pass area with the other thousands of fans and saved a $1,000!!!!

    I WANTED TO KISS THAT WOMAN!!!! I was about to cry! I was so happy to be able to take my son in there and watch the game with him. As the clock wound down to zero we yelled and screamed at the top of our voiced and I picked him up off the ground and spun him around in the air in jubilation. Beer was flying everywhere. Steeler fans (which outnumbered Packer fans 3-1) had to shut the hell up! Hell yeah we watched the game outside of the stadium, but the feeling we shared as father and son when we saw the Packers win the Superbowl and heard the roar of the crowd was indescribable. After the game my son said, “I never thought I’d ever go to a Superbowl.” To him–he was there. That’s all I needed to hear. The next day we blew a few hundred dollars on souvenirs. It was truly a memory of a lifetime. Right now I’m in the process of creating posters for the basement and his bedroom of the experience. The next day we raided 7-eleven and bought Dallas newspapers, USA Today, magazines etc. to make the posters. He also wrote a 5-page journal entry of the event. By the way, he had no idea we were leaving ’till the day before the game (about an hour before we left for the airport).

    I hope I didn’t bore you with the story. I wasn’t planning on going to the Superbowl ’till I got a check in the mail for a woman hitting my car. I used that money on this once-in-a-lifetime experience for me and my son. I don’t plan on ever fixing my car. GO PACK!!!

    • LarryTex

      Wow, you’re right, once-in-a-lifetime. Can not be duplicated, fantastic! You made me feel like I was there with you.

      • packbuck

        Looking back now… I’m so glad I took the risk and took my son on the trip to the Super Bowl. Think about it—we didn’t have tickets and we really didn’t have money to go. Heck, we paid for it by a woman crashing into my car.

        By the way, my wife called the other day crying on the phone telling me she had just been diagnosed with cancer. She’s 38 years old.

        I drove home from work and found my 14 year old son pacing the floor all distraught. I went over to him and gave him a hug. He started to cry.

        It was a lot different feeling than hugging him that day the Packers won the Super Bowl. Once you leave this life all you take with you is your relationships, memories and experiences. I’m sure glad glad I didn’t miss out on that one.

        Tonight we’re having a family meeting to tell the other three kids about mom’s cancer so they don’t have to hear it from other family and friends eventually.

        The cancer is curable, so we’re excited about that and VERY anxious for the Packers to repeat and become Super Bowl XLVI Champions! Go Pack!!!

    • Great story, thanks.

    • iccyfan

      Awesome story. I finally picked up the season highlight DVD yesterday and just finished watching it with my 17 and 14 y/o sons. As much fan as we had revisiting the season in a dark basement in Iowa, I can’t imagine how much fun you had in person! Fathers & sons – Packer Fans Forever…

      • Rick

        I’ll second that

  • iccyfan

    Vic Ketchman, Editor of, compiles a Top-Ten All-Time QB list and Brent Faver isn’t on it! I don’t disagree with anything other than maybe Terry Bradshaw, but he’s gonna catch some crap from the Packer faithful about this.

    I’m too young (at 48!) to remember many of these guys in their prime (Unitas, Starr), and didn’t know enough about football to judge others (Staubach and Bradshaw). Even so, this list is an unenviable task as there have been many great QB’s. No Sammy Baugh, Sid Luckman, etc. Otto Graham but no Bobby Layne? Joe Montana at #2 and no Steve Young? Tough calls to be made….

    • Steve Cheez

      Never been much of a Bradshaw fan myself, but his point about comparing his playoff “season” to any of his other seasons nailed it for me. Performance in the big games seals the deal.

  • Larry

    If you look at the stats of “older” QB’s…completion % is much lower and TD/INT ratio is much worse.
    The short passing west coast game has greatly increased the completion % and yards after catch (YAC) accounts for many of the passing yards of the modern day QB. The other issue is the dramatic shift in the dependency of the running game.

    Ketcham came out of Pittsburgh, not surprising Bradshaw made the list. My personal opinion is that even Trent Dilfer would have 4 rings with those Steeler teams given the ring he achieved with the comparable Raven defense.

    • Rick

      True but when it is all said and done, did you win the SB….

      If Elway had not not won at the end of his career he would be below Marino on most lists.

    • iccyfan

      Agree 100% with your points; had a nice conversation with the 17 y/o aspiring sports information director (son) regarding QB statistics and how QB’s must be judged within the context of their era. My son thinks Namath sucks because he threw more INT’s than TD passes; I told him to look at Joe Willie’s peers and not to compare him to Tom Brady…

      I wouldn’t have gone where you did with Bradshaw because the same could be said about our beloved Bart Starr! An even stronger case might be Joe Montana – the 49ers seemingly didn’t miss a beat when Steve Young took the helm. Was it two great QB’s (my position) or a great team that made QB’s seem better than they were (your position regarding Bradshaw)? I don’t have that answer.

      • Rick

        Reality is both positions are correct.

        When it comes to QBing it is still reading the defense and knowing where everyone is going, however the final litmus test is throwing and catching the dang ball.

        The QB is only half of that equation but where and how he throws it can greatly increase the chances. Brett and Manning have fastball heaters but can zip a tight catchable spiral in the best spot for YAC. Brady does not have their cannon but man does he throw the most catchable balls in the NFL. His accuracy on ball placement (which shoulder, in front or behind, etc) might be the best over the last decade.

        Any QB that makes the NFL should look solid behind a great O line with wonderful receivers. The deal is when plays break down, the back up tackle is in becasue of injuries, or you are throwing to a rookie WR or TE, can you get those plays to work? Can you throw a pass to a spot that allow your receiver to turn up field and increase the YAC?

        Brett was famous for making receivers look better than they were and getting some of the top YAC. Manning and his veterans receivers years ago were almost unstoppable except for the AFC muggings the Patriots defenders used to be allowed to do. Brady makes castoffs and short guys look like possible world beaters year after year.

        So I say a QB friendly system helps but you still have to get it done. Carson Palmer other then their one playoff year has not gotten it done. He has had Ocho and other solid receivers and still not gotten it done. Meanwhile Freeman in Tampa is taking the bull by the horns and getting it done more and more with less players.

      • You can add rules changes favoring passing and weather. Most clubs were in the northeast, no domed stadiums, no Miami. It’s not that big a surprise the early Rams could throw. Defenses were set to stop the run and the trip to the coast was longer then.

  • Jon

    Packers going in to Chicago to win the NFC championship!

    • rick

      That was pretty amazing Jon. I am so glad the Bears did not have a comeback in that game.

  • Fritz1218

    I never thought I’d ever go to a SB and 8 days before 2/6 my wife called to tell me a friends had arranged two extra tickets at face value. She asked if we could afford it and my reply was no but we couldn’t afford not to take advantage of it. We received the tickets on Wed. eve. and left early Thurs for the drive from Rochester, MN to Dallas. Now I should say that I’m old enough to have watched the Ice Bowl on a B&W TV so I’ve seen a lot of big moments as a Packer fan but for us to be there when at 4th and 5 when Tramon knocked the ball out of Wallace’s hand was my biggest and happiest moment. Still seems like a dream.

    • Rick

      I am truely jealous of you getting to go Fritz. Post a link to pictures if you have any online. We would love to see them.