2019 NFL Mock Draft Duel

Over the last 2 years I’ve done 7 round mock drafts prior to the NFL Draft. I’m not sure I’m feeling quite that ambitious this year but what I am going to do is a dueling mock. The first pick is my prediction and the second will be what I would do if I were the GM of each team. Off we go.

Prediction Pick 1: Arizona Cardinals
Kyler Murray QB Oklahoma

I’ve been pretty vocal with how silly this all is to me but I can’t honestly say this is a “what I think will happen” pick and not take Kyler. It’s certainly not 100% but it feels very real at this point. I wouldn’t sign off on it(their owner might not either) but as I’ve said, make it work and nothing else matters.

My Pick 1: Arizona Cardinals
Nick Bosa EDGE Ohio State

Supposedly the Cardinals will either trade the pick or take Kyler so this isn’t very realistic but it’s my play here. The other option is to trade the pick but the risk of trading back and Bosa haunting us for the next 5-10 years is very real. Can’t let talent like this slip through our fingers.

Prediction Pick 2: San Francisco 49ers
Nick Bosa EDGE Ohio State

The 49ers added Dee Ford and there are 2 ways this goes with Bosa. First, Ford is a bust in which case we absolutely need Bosa. Second, Ford gives us what we paid for and we have arguably the best pass rush duo in the NFL. Neither of those options aren’t awesome.

My Pick 2: TRADE Oakland Raiders
49ers Receive Picks 27 (1st) and 140 (5th)
Kyler Murray QB Oklahoma

With Bosa off the board, the other blue chip is Quinnen but he really just isn’t what I want. We have a ton of 1st round DT’s on the team and have a lot of holes. After reaching out to find a partner it didn’t take long because the Raiders see Murray on the board and gleefully accept. Picking up another 1st and only dropping 2 spots is a no brainer.

As the Raiders GM I’m actually okay staying at 4 but when I hear the 49ers want to move and the QB of the future is staring me in the face, a guy I can pair with Antonio Brown and whoever we get with our 3rd 1st round pick is too hard to pass up.

Prediction Pick 3: New York Jets
Josh Allen EDGE Kentucky

Josh Allen is seen as an elite player in this class and a fantastic fit as a 3-4 OLB with the ability to play the run, pass, and cover. I’m personally not sold on the value but I doubt this pick is a regret.

My Pick 3: New York Jets
Quinnen Williams DT Alabama

Typically in this spot I’m looking as hard as I can to trade back. More than likely I won’t find a partner and would also end up taking Allen but with Quinnen on the board this is easy. Is it the biggest need? No. But similar to the Packers we have some good players but could absolutely use a guy like Williams and also have questions about players being available beyond this year.

Prediction Pick 4: Oakland Raiders
Quinnen Williams DT Alabama

Word on the street is that the Raiders will take Quinnen if he’s here, otherwise they will take Devin White. Quinnen is here so this is easy both from a prediction as well as a “what they should do” standpoint.

My Pick 4: San Francisco 49ers
Josh Allen EDGE Kentucky

It took me a while to talk myself into this pick but it really feels like the best of a bunch of options I’m not entirely comfortable with. First, I’m not sure I like the fit in a 4-3 defense. Not that he’s incapable but he’s less effective.

That said, he’s capable against the run and should be able to hold up. As for his coverage ability, if we want to get creative we can use him as a 4-3 OLB in situations and use the guys we drafted to be DE’s as DE’s.

Prediction Pick 5: TRADE Atlanta Falcons
Buccaneers Receive 45 (2nd) and 2020 3rd
Ed Oliver DT Houston

I was going to do something really bold as a prediction but decided to try and trade back and hope he’s still around.

The Falcons really really seem to like Oliver and there’s almost no chance in my opinion that he falls to 14. When the Bucs start calling around there’s no question what we have to do.

Great player, great fit, good value.

My Pick 5: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Ed Oliver DT Houston

Oddly enough this is probably more likely to be the pick than my prediction which seems counter-intuitive but there is method to my predictive madness.

As for my pick, however, Oliver probably wouldn’t be my pick if it wasn’t for the fact that we clearly want to shove Gerald McCoy out the door. With Vea in the middle I want to be able to get a perpetrator and Oliver is it.

Prediction Pick 6: New York Giants
Daniel Jones QB Duke

I guess this will be my first official bold prediction. The consensus seems to be Dwayne Haskins, including 5 minutes ago when I just read Matt Miller state the Giants really like him, but I’m not so sure.

The Giants have done a lot of work on quarterbacks but the 3 they seemed to be most interested in were Jones, Haskins, and Murray. Murray is gone and was reportedly too short and according to Dianna Russini of ESPN, the Giants don’t see Haskins as a good fit for their team and haven’t really put in a lot of work on him.

The only real hesitation I have is if the Giants feel Jones will be available at 17 but that seems silly. First, if he’s your guy waiting is always the wrong choice. Second, he very likely would be gone.

My Pick 6: New York Giants
Brian Burns EDGE Florida State

I actually have a gut feeling Burns falls but not if I’m the Giants GM. We need a pass rusher really really bad and have done a lot of work on basically all of them including Burns who we had in for a private visit.

And no, for the record, I’m not even considering QB. I might take a flyer on Rosen but in this mock he’s staying with the cardinals. I’m stacking talent and will look for a backup later and our future QB perhaps next year.

Prediction Pick 7: Jacksonville Jaguars
Jonah Williams OT Alabama

This might seem like a bold prediction but it just feels like good sense to me. The Jaguars desperately need OL help, not just for their new QB but for their run game which will be the focal point of their offense.

Jonah is a great fit for the Jaguars as a right tackle and as a guy that comes from a trenches kind of school that emphasized power over movement which should suit Jonah.

And lest you think it’s too early, Jonah made it know that he has been told he is the number 1 tackle on several teams boards including several tackle needy teams inside the top 10.

My Pick 7: Jacksonville Jaguars
Jonah Williams OT Alabama

It seems strange that a bold prediction is actually the first to be predicted as well as what I would do but I just really like this pick and it makes a lot of sense to me.

It’s actually very reminiscent of the Mike McGlinchey pick by the 49ers last year which is also what I said I would have done in that spot.

Prediction Pick 8: Detroit Lions
Devin White LB LSU

This was a tough call only because I think Sweat needs to be looked at here and supposedly the Lions really like him. I also considered Devin Bush as an option considering he may not be far from White and has the Michigan connection.

Still, the rumor is that Sweat may actually fall in the draft due to his heart issue. Beyond that, the Lions need a #2 pass rusher and a #1 LB making this more of a dire need as well as a better overall player.

My Pick 8: Detroit Lions
Devin White LB LSU

Half of the reasoning in the last pick was my own so there isn’t much to elaborate on here. It’s a tough call and Sweat offers perhaps more upside but we need help here.

Trading is also an option but not really. Taking one of two good options is better than trading and getting neither.

Prediction Pick 9: Buffalo Bills
Rashan Gary EDGE/DT Michigan

This wasn’t an easy call and I unpicked this twice but ultimately kept coming back to it. I wanted Gary to fall because I think his lack of effort at times with Michigan would cause him to fall further than we thought.

But then I realized this entire draft is about upside and potential. From Murray, to Oliver, to D.K. Metcalf, a lot of the first round picks will be about drafting upside and that’s what Gary is.

Beyond that it’s a fit. The Bills 4-3 scheme with needs in the trenches for both #2 pass rusher and interior help, Gary really does fit. The final piece was whether there was interest and the Bills have met with him twice including a private workout.

My Pick 9: TRADE Miami Dolphins
Bills Receive 13 (1st) and 78 (3rd)
Jawaan Taylor OT Florida

I’m assuming when the trade happens everyone is going to scream “Here goes Dwayne Haskins”.  And then comes the disappointment. The fact is, I’m not going to reach for a QB and don’t think this is the year. I’m embracing the tank and looking to add studs.

With that said, whenever we do end up drafting a quarterback, we’ll need to have a much better offensive line because what we have is horrible.

We will still need help on the interior but with Tunsil at LT and now Taylor at RT, which was his position at Florida, we at least have a solid tackle duo.

Prediction Pick 10: Denver Broncos
Drew Lock QB Missouri

I’m less that 50% sure this is going to happen but whatever the percentage is, it’s higher than any other pick so I’ll play the odds.

My Pick 10: Denver Broncos
T.J. Hockenson TE Iowa

In general I’m hesitant to take a TE this early and tried to go elsewhere but this team is actually in pretty good shape. I considered Devin Bush but I think a bigger hole and a bigger potential help to the team would be a top tier TE like Hockenson.

Prediction Pick 11: Cincinnati Bengals
Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

There might be bigger needs in 2019 and I’m not sure what the Bengals think of Haskins but I just don’t know how you hire and brand new offensive minded head coach and let a top QB fall right into your lap at 11 and not take him. So we’re taking him.

My Pick 11: Cincinnati Bengals
Devin Bush LB Michigan

Haskins is definitely in consideration but the team in general just isn’t ready. Our defense isn’t great and our offensive line is straight trash meaning Haskins would just be the 2019 version of Josh Rosen.

Linebacker and offensive line are the biggest needs. Bush is the best option.

Prediction Pick 12: Green Bay Packers
T.J. Hockenson TE Iowa

It’s interesting how in my prediction Hockenson, Burns, and Bush are all available and the “what I would do” they are all gone. Let’s hope this is the reality of the situation.

As for why Hock I think the Packers will want to stack the offensive side of the ball with talent and Hockenson is going to set the tone.

Also, as I’ve mentioned I’m getting a weird feeling Burns might slide a little bit and it’s hard to illustrate that if the Packers take him here at 12.

My Pick 12: TRADE Washington Redskins
Packers Receive Pick 96 (3rd)
Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

Losing out on Hock, Burns, and Bush is painful but we’re going to make the best of it and Haskins falling helps. A third doesn’t seem like much but we’re only dropping 3 spots and 1 team is taking a QB (Washington).

For context, pick 96, if paired with our other 3rd gets us into the 2nd round. If we use it with our 2nd round pick, it’s almost enough to get us back into the 1st. It’s a pretty big pick for only moving back a couple.

As for the Redskins, the temptation to roll with Keenum and see how it goes is there but I would like to have an actual competitive franchise and that means making moves for a franchise QB.

Prediction Pick 13: Miami Dolphins
Clelin Ferrell EDGE Clemson

There was talk about Ferrell to Miami back in February but not much since. Still, the edge rusher position is an absolute mess and there is just absolutely nobody there. Ferrell isn’t my favorite prospect but he’s an absolute stud and should be a good fit for the Dolphins and a position of desperate need.

My Pick 13: Buffalo Bills
D.K. Metcalf WR Ole Miss

This is somewhat of a high risk bet but I like the fit. Josh Allen is a big bodied QB with a rocket arm. Finding a WR that Allen can launch it up to and will have a hard time overthrowing is a massive asset especially for a team looking to build around their QB.

Add in the massive upside of D.K. and it moves the needle enough to roll the dice.

Prediction Pick 14: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jawaan Taylor OT Florida

Alright so Jawaan probably isn’t going to make it this far. In fact, I really wanted to have Tampa take him at 5, and if they do I expect full credit, but I thought a trade back in which they still get him makes sense.

Bottom line, the Bucs GM loves local players as well as SEC players. In his first year he took Mike Evans from A&M, next year was Winston from Florida State (ACC but local), then Hargreaves from Florida (SEC AND local), and then OJ Howard in 2017. Vea was the 1 exception to that rule since Licht took over.

I legitimately think he’s in play at 5 but in this scenario it’s beyond a no brainer.

My Pick 14: Atlanta Falcons
Joshua Jacobs RB Alabama

I can’t say I’ve ever seen this mocked before but as I looked at our roster, I really don’t like our RB room. Freeman has been alright over his time but I’m not happy with a room captained by Ito Smith.

If Josh Jacobs has the ability to be a Alvin Kamara type player, putting him with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and Calvin Ridley, there is no excuse for this to not be a top 5 offense again.

Prediction Pick 15: TRADE Arizona Cardinals
Washington Redskins Receive Josh Rosen
Cody Ford OG Oklahoma

Yes part of this is just for fun but I think it’s actually fairly realistic if we’re assuming Murray is a Cardinal. The Redskins have a better offensive line so hopefully Rosen will have a little better luck.

If we (Cardinals) are going to really do this we are going all in on offense. We need OL help badly and Ford is probably the best available player.

And no, the Oklahoma connection isn’t an accident. I’m dead serious about making this work and not only would I consider Hollywood in round 2, I considered him right here. Just call us the Arizona Sooners.

My Pick 15: Green Bay Packers
Christian Wilkins DT Clemson

I hated having to pick here. I don’t really want Sweat but thought really hard about it. Otherwise I’m looking at Wilkins, Gary, Fant, Greedy… Dillard. Just not excited.

But the more I thought about Wilkins the happier I got. I really think he’s an underrated player that has Kenny Clark potential that will give us a 5th player along the front that can get after the passer as well as play the run.

It also helps us down the line if we choose to move on from Mike Daniels and/or Dean Lowrey.

Prediction Pick 16: Carolina Panthers
Brian Burns EDGE Florida State

  1. The Panthers are a team that likes to build in the trenches.
  2. The trenches are trash right now
  3. Burns had a great meeting with the Panthers
  4. Burns’ brother played for the Panthers

Most of those facts are irrelevant but I like the pick because it sort of highlights where I think Burns could end up falling in the draft.

My Pick 16: Carolina Panthers
Clelin Ferrell EDGE Clemson

Similar logic here but possibly an even better fit for the Panthers. Ferrell just feels like a Panthers DE being a long and physical type player.

Prediction Pick 17: New York Giants
Montez Sweat EDGE Mississippi State

I wanted Sweat to fall with all the rumors about him possibly sliding out of the 1st round but the Giants need edge rush help as bad as any team in the NFL after losing Olivier Vernon.

Beyond that, the Giants now have the Panthers old GM who spent 5 of his 8 1st and 2nd round picks with the Panthers on players along the defensive front.

My Pick 17: New York Giants
Montez Sweat EDGE Mississippi State

Again, it just fits. Even being a person that isn’t ultra high on Sweat I’m not sure how you let him pass you up.

Prediction Pick 18: Minnesota Vikings
Garrett Bradbury OC NC State

This one seems all but etched in stone. It obviously doesn’t have to be but the need along the OL as well as the scheme fit with the new outside zone has everyone putting Bradbury with the Vikings.

I’m fine with this.

My Pick 18: Minnesota Vikings
Cody Ford OG Oklahoma

The Bradbury thing makes plenty of sense and would be a fine pick but number 1, Ford is a better player and is athletic enough to play guard in an outside zone scheme.

Beyond that, Vikings fans seem to really like Pat Elflein who they drafted just 2 years ago. If they guys they already have can step it up a little and Ford slides in at LG in place of Brett Jones, I think that might be the biggest bang for your buck.

Prediction Pick 19: Tennessee Titans
Christian Wilkins DT Clemson

0 people have mocked this which makes it a strange prediction pick but supposedly Vrabel, who is a defensive guy, Really likes Wilkins, tried to recruit him to Ohio State when he was there, and has met with Wilkins on several occasions.

It’s not seen as the top need but to say they don’t have a need at DT is silly. Beyond that, Wilkins is arguably the best player on the board.

My Pick 19: Tennessee Titans
Drew Lock QB Missouri

Ya that’s right. Look, Mariota just isn’t getting it done and with another new OC, the odds that he finally figures it out is really unlikely. I’m not sure if Lock is it either, but if we don’t find a replacement, we’re going to have to pay $25M to keep Mariota around.

Let’s draft Lock and hope we can trade Mariota.

Prediction Pick 20: Pittsburgh Steelers
Devin Bush LB Michigan

This is a dream scenario for the Steelers and if it didn’t just happen in this mock I’d say it’s a borderline impossibility. But here we are.

My Pick 20: TRADE Houston Texans
Steelers Receive 161 (5th) and 2020 4th
Andre Dillard OT Washington State

I really just don’t like my options for the Steelers here so I’m going to get a little draft capital to slide back a bit.

The Texans have what I believe is the worst offensive line in football. Dillard has a chance be be a legitimate left tackle in the NFL and I don’t want to miss out, especially with the Seahawks picking at 21.

Prediction Pick 21: TRADE Kansas City Chiefs
Seahawks Receive Picks 92 (3rd) and 201 (6th)
Byron Murphy CB Washington

Clearly I did the mock prior to the Frank Clark and since this is too hard to undo, this one is going to stick. I’m giving myself half credit for predicting a Chiefs/Seahawks trade that gives Seattle pick 29.

The Seahawks wanted out of this spot badly for the sole purpose of adding picks. The good news is that they are now up to 6 total picks. The bad news is that the Chiefs kind of took them for a ride as far as value.

Either way, the Chiefs knew they needed corner help badly and Byron, who they seem to like a lot, isn’t going to last long. This isn’t a bad deal for them at all.

My Pick 21: Seattle Seahawks
Rashan Gary DT/EDGE Michigan

I love and hate this at the same time. We need more picks and desperately need help on the offensive line.

On the other hand, Gary fits perfectly here, is a steal based on his projected value which some feel is top 10, and is a need especially with all the Frank Clark trade talks.

In other words, I wish he wasn’t available so I didn’t have to make the pick but he is so I do.

Prediction Pick 22: Baltimore Ravens
D.K. Metcalf WR Ole Miss

I really have no idea what Baltimore thinks of D.K. and could go another route but looking at my board and their desperate need at WR it makes sense. I’ll put it this way, it’s the most obvious pick I could make at this point.

My Pick 22: Baltimore Ravens
Garrett Bradbury OC NC State

My only question here was whether I was going to stick to my board (nflbigboard.com) or go with a need/rumor. I wanted interior offensive line and on my board Bradbury is higher but supposedly the Ravens like Linstrom.

Ultimately I stuck with the board and took Bradbury but either would be a great pick.

Prediction Pick 23: Houston Texans
Andre Dillard OT Washington State

I already explained the reasoning and I’ll stand by it. Ultimately this could be Risner or any number of offensive linemen but it needs to be OL.

My Pick 23: Pittsburgh Steelers
Chauncey Gardner-Johnson S Florids

Looking at the team, it seems like they’ve been doing a lot of work on DBs including CGJ. Ultimately I like the fit for him. He can be a single high safety which is a good pairing with Edmunds who they (over)drafted last year. On top of that, if he’s needed to help as a slot or against TE’s I think he has that kind of versatility.

Prediction Pick 24: Oakland Raiders
Joshua Jacobs RB Alabama

I think the Raiders need a RB and although they can wait Jacobs is just different. He’s here so take him now rather than risk losing him and then settling for one of the 4th round running backs that everyone else is going to grab.

My Pick 24: San Francisco 49ers
Nasir Adderley S Delaware

I’m absolutely stunned to hear people say the 49ers could win their division. I like almost nothing about their roster. I don’t like the WR’s, CB’s, LB’s, safeties… and the parts I do like are pretty iffy.

That said, the trade back is going to help and I think safety might be the biggest weak spot. Adderley with his sideline to sideline ability will hopefully be able to cover a lot of ground in the backfield.

Prediction Pick 25: Philadelphia Eagles
Greedy Williams CB LSU

It seems like a slide and maybe it is a little but this feels about right to me. Either way the Eagles have a definite need and Greedy is probably the best players available at this point so it was a pretty easy call.

My Pick 25: Philadelphia Eagles
Greedy Williams CB LSU

Same logic, the only difference is that I also had Byron Murphy available. Although I think Byron is probably a little better personally, I’m sticking with my board here.

Prediction Pick 26: Indianapolis Colts
Jeffery Simmons DT Mississippi State

From the first time I heard this I loved it. The Colts are pretty solid and are likely headed back to the playoffs in 2019. Simmons should be back in time to help in the playoffs as well as give the Colts a top 5 player moving forward.

My Pick 26: Indianapolis Colts
Jeffery Simmons DT Mississippi State

When I said I loved it, I meant it. It just makes perfect sense to me.

Prediction Pick 27: Oakland Raiders
Noah Fant TE Iowa

We added maybe the best player in the draft at pick 4, got the top RB in the draft to fill a huge need on offense, and now added a scary receiving TE to pair with said RB as well as Antonio Brown.

I would say we got better as a team today.

My Pick 27: Oakland Raiders
Noah Fant TE Iowa

Again, it just makes sense. They did really well with Jared Cook on the team and are able to replace him with Cook 2.0.

Prediction Pick 28: Los Angeles Chargers
Nasir Adderley S Delaware

Yes they took Derwin last year and it worked out great but similar to the Packers, they have 1 and nothing else. They’ve brought in several safeties and not only is Adderley probably the best, he’s the best compliment to Derwin’s skill set.

My Pick 28: Los Angeles Chargers
Dalton Risner OT Kansas State

The Chargers offensive line is not so great and Sam Tevi off the right side might be the worst of the bunch. The Chargers maybe have 1 more shot at this thing, we need to protect the QB.

Prediction Pick 29: Seattle Seahawks
Dalton Risner OT Kansas State

Overall I’m not happy if I’m a Seahawks fan but I think this was navigated as well as it could have been. We traded back to pick up 2 more picks this year and still got a top tackle to help protect the highest paid quarterback in football.

My Pick 29: Seattle Seahawks
Kaleb McGary OT Washington

Thanks to the Seahawks trade we get two chances in the first round and I can’t imagine anything better than replacing Clark AND addressing our need for OL.

McGary isn’t at the top of my board but fits the Seahawks love of east coast players and yes they had him in for a visit.

Prediction Pick 30: Green Bay Packers:
N’Keal Harry WR Arizona State

I was torn between this and Chris Lindstrom here. I’ll be honest, doubling up on offense feels wrong but who wouldn’t be excited about the Packers potential if by the end of the day they added Hock and Harry. It even sounds cool.

My Pick 30: Green Bay Packers:
Hollywood Brown WR Oklahoma

It’s a high risk play but I don’t want to be pretty good. I want to take a shot at greatness and the upside of Brown is insane. We can play him in the slot and outside. He’s a deep threat but can also terrorize the middle of the field and every time he touches the ball there’s potential for him to take it all the way to the house.

Rodgers has never had a player like this and I just want to see it.

Prediction Pick 31: Los Angeles Rams
Jaylon Ferguson EDGE La Tech

The Rams added Clay Matthews and Fowler last year but this still isn’t a terrifying group. With Clay being a short term solution it would make sense to get someone in that can learn under the two first round picks.

My Pick 31: Los Angeles Rams
Jachai Polite EDGE Florida

Ya I know, I know. Here’s the thing. I’ve said several times now that with Polite, either the interview stuff bothered you or it didn’t and if you can live with it just draft him. On tape polite is one of the best pass rushers in this class and never should have fallen this far.

The locker room in LA is incredible and that’s evidenced by the fact that they brought in several volitile players and went to the Super Bowl.

This will be mocked all the way up until the start of the season when Jachai is the #1 pass rusher on the team.

Prediction Pick 32: New England Patriots
Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson

This is tough because all the talking points aren’t really available. Great players that are supposed to fall are all gone. There really aren’t quarterbacks here. The Iowa TE’s are gone.

With that, I’m taking a guy in the trenches to make a solid unit even better. Lawrence is wildly underrated in my opinion and is going to be a stud in NE.

My Pick 32: New England Patriots
Hakeem Butler WR Iowa State

Which WR isn’t really the point here. If I’m making the pick I’m going to add a weapon and I don’t really want a big slot type guy. Just give me a solid boundary receiver and I think Butler is that.

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