A Look at the Packers Edge Rushers

After the Packers week one victory I decided to start a little video series and my first assignment was to watch the Packers revamped EDGE group. To see the full video breakdown, click here.

My general takeaways…

  1. The Packers do not win this game without Preston and Za’Darius.
  2. Za’Darius’ combination of speed and power is incredible.
  3. Preston’s is much more than a pass rusher. His ability to cause drop in coverage helped cause massive confusion and he is an insanely good run defender.
  4. Rashan has the same jets we saw in preseason. It’s just a matter of time.
  5. Kyler is a lot of fun to watch now that he’s a #3 (soon to be #4). His ability to turn and run with RB’s slipping out of the backfield as well as burst off the edge helps to really round out the group.
  6. This was not a fluke.



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