Rodgers once again must see TV

The Green Bay Packers will face the Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday at Lambeau and the Packers are early nine point favorites in yet another nationally televised game. You would think the rest of the country would be getting sick of seeing the Packers every week. But apparently not. A large part of that spread has to be the way quarterback Aaron Rodgers is playing this year. While I was hard on him earlier in the year, the last few weeks he has just been lights out great. The MVP talk has ratcheted up once again.

110120.S.STP.VIKRODGERS.JPGRodgers is the hot topic this week so I might as well chime in. To me Rodgers has always been a Jekyll and Hyde guy. I loved him on the field, but his personality always rubbed me the wrong way. At least until the last couple of years. Since Matt LaFleur took over as head coach, Rodgers, at least to me, has been a different man. And it didn’t faze him a bit when the Packers drafted quarterback Jordan Love in the first round the draft this year. Immediately the speculation was Rodgers was on the way out, some speculating it could be as soon as 2021. I bet if you checked out this successful guide for new casino 2021 you will find that the Packers are very much one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl this year. I have a hunch Rodgers is going to be around at least a few more years. Who cares if Love sits for three years? Worked pretty good for Rodgers.

This year more than ever Rodgers has been very forthcoming with the media, he’s let down his guard a little and it now seems he’s quite likable. Kind of like the new and improved Tiger Woods. Must be a product of age. I do still think that former head coach Mike McCarthy and Rodgers wore out their relationship and it affected Rodgers demeanor, both on and off the field. Having a coach only four years older than him has really helped. They both need each other to succeed and both seem to have embraced that need.

I could run through all the stats but if your reading this you already know them. Yes, Rodgers is having an MVP-type season, but as long as Patrick Mahomes is playing like he is, he is by far the front runner in the media. There are not a lot players in the competition. Russell Wilson was but he has thrown ten interceptions already and quietly played himself out of the conversation. If the award wasn’t all about quarterbacks running back Derrick Henry would probably be the front runner. To me it’s Mahomes, Rodgers and Henry and nobody else.

We’ll see what happens over the next four weeks, I would love to see Rodgers match Favre with three MVP awards. It’s going to take a little luck to get it, though.

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