Greatest Packers Games

Like other established clubs in the NFL, the Green Bay Packers have a rich history. While the Packers have participated in multiple big games, there are various matches etched in the hearts of Packers fans.

Here, we revisit the hallmark games where the Packers defied various odds by grabbing a win in the last quarter and emerging victorious in encounters where they were considered the underdogs.

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Without further ado, here are our favorite Packers games of all time.

Ice bowl: December 31, 1967

The Ice bowl is not only a hallmark moment for Packers but also for the entire NFL history. The Packers faced Dallas in a bone-chilling temperature of -13F to bag their third consecutive championship in NFL playoffs.

By doing this, they would break the record and become the first team to achieve such a feat. With Dallas up 17-13 and twenty minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, the Packers were presented with a significant challenge.

Bart Starr turned the tables and pushed the Packers to a 21-17 lead as Jerry Kramer and Ken Bowman executed the most famous blocks in NFL history.

This victory secured the Packers a place in the Superbowl II, where they managed a victory, making the Ice bowl worthwhile for the loyal fans who endured frostbites.

Green Bay vs. Chicago: September 27, 1959

The 1958 season was the most embarrassing season for the Packers, with the worst record (1-11-1) in history. After the dismal 1958 season, multiple changes were made on the Green Bay team.

Among these changes was the coming of Vince Lombardi, who was the former coach of the New York Giants. Upon taking reign, Lombardi changed the attitude of the Packers and turned them to a winning team.

The change was best seen in their game against Chicago, where the Packers secured a victory after trailing 6-0 in three quarters. The game was a spectacle as Jim Ringo, Jim Taylor, Paul Hornung, and Dave Hanner scored nine points and won a slim 3-point margin.

This ushered in a new dawn where Lombardi’s coaching acumen turned the Packers into a force to be reckoned with.

2007-08 NFC Playoffs: Green Bay vs. Seattle

The Packers-Seahawk rivalry is among the heated rivalries in NFL draws. Among their meetings, the 2007-08 NFL playoff was the tensest. After securing a slim 33-27 victory in the 2003 wild-card playoff, the 2007 playoffs were bound to be a spectacle.

Within the first four minutes, Green Bay was trailing 14-0. The order was restored by Favre’s magnificent duo, who supplied sublime touchdown passes, and Ryan Grant, who scored three touchdowns for his team.

The Packers dominated the Seahawks with a 42-20 score.

2011 Super Bowl XLV: Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburg Steelers

The 2011 Super Bowl was a tough draw between the Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. Unlike the other hallmark games mentioned in this article, the Packers started well with a 14-0 lead in the first quarter.

The Steelers reduced the margin in the second and third quarters before 31-25. The notable players in this duel were Aaron Rodgers and Nick Collins, who managed three touchdowns and an eye-catching interception, respectively, which greatly influenced the final score.


While the packers have a vast history of big games, there are few outstanding feats, where they beat their odds and etched their name in NFL history. Although these are our favorites, there are multiple times where they exhibited great flair and dominated over stronger foes.

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