Prepare Your Green Bay Packers Bet Plan Early

For the last decade, April has been the month with the most suspense for the beginning of the NFL season. It is when the schedule is announced and the NFL Draft takes place.

But smart bettors have a plan outlined early. This is why we come to show you all you need to know about the Green Bay Packers and their predicted 2021 season. Off we go!

Early planning is much needed, especially when more and more betting opportunities arise. Just last year, Canada’s Parliament passed Bill C-218, that betting experts covered in great detail. In their analysis, you will find what bets are now legalized, provided the authorities vet them, and you’ll also get information on the financial benefits of internal Canadian betting instead of offshore alternatives. 

The Green Bay Packers delivered excellent fan service in 2020. Their remarkable play and their booming odds to win the Super Bowl make you think maybe they’ll be on top of the game once again this year.

Even though the Tampa Bay Buccaneers triumphed over Kansas City’s favorites, the Green and Gold team was dominating the odds charts just a few months ago, when prediction gave them a second-highest chance to take home The Vince Lombardi Trophy

In January of this year, sportscasters and bookmakers had the Packers set for +260 betting average odds of becoming champions, only surmounted by the Kansas City Chiefs number of +200. 

What led to that?

On January 16th, The Packers almost doubled the score of the West Coast force of the Los Angeles Rams, a quite unexpected overturn. This amplified their stats, and they rose higher in the end-season odds. The evolution from +400 to +260 odds occurred. 

What was the overall game outline?

The game was marked by a heavy approach to a strong defense that the Rams could not strike through. On top of that, the Green Bay Packers dominated by turning the LA boys’ every move into their favor. Essentially, they were the “conductors,” and the opponents had no choice but to follow. 

From the 1919 Indian Packers to the 2021 force of nature

The stardom we see now is nothing new to the Wisconsin favorites. In fact, their history shows a variety of incredible moments worth mentioning. 

Packers hold the title of the most extended play in NFL history from their original birthplace. A small 1919 team sponsored by the Indian Packing Company entered the professional League 100 years ago in 1921. 

Their golden age came when legend Vince Lombardi took over as their coach in 1959. After 11 lousy seasons with no evident success, Lombardi drove the team to a stunning streak of five championships in seven years.

The years went by, and now the Green Bay Packers have one of the most impressive stadiums, entries in the Hall of Fame, and are owned by stockholders around the world. 

3 points to think about when you bet

It’s time we get you ready for profitable bets on the Packers’ next games. You have to be clear-minded and do your homework on these aspects before staking your money!

  1. Green Bay Packers’ stats

Without data compiled by computers, it’s hard to tell the outcome of future games. However, informing yourself on average yards per game and pressure and success rates will hint at the team’s overall endurance, capability and consistency in offense and defense tactics. 

  1. Competition schedule

On average, each team plays 16 games in 17 weeks, counting the “bye” week. They way they conduct their training and their days off is relevant to the team’s overall performance and the shining stars.

  1. The team’s roster

Who-plays-what is essentially what makes or breaks the team’s chance of winning. Knowing who the scorers are  (along with their individual stats) indicates how many points will be scored. It’s also wise to consult it, if you’ve missed some dates, to see who’s injured and is unable to play. 

5 bet types of interest

Knowledgeable enough to start staking? Don’t know where to start? Read our picks!

  1. Moneyline

This is a simple type of bet. Your choice is this: Will the Green Bay Packers win or lose? Ensure the team’s recent history backs up your claim and that your stakes are low or medium!

  1. Point bets

The choice you have to make in such cases represents the difference between the Packers’ score and their adversary’s. You can choose to make bets that say they will win or lose by a certain point-difference. 

  1. Live game betting

We don’t recommend this one if you’re just started to dabble in sports bets. Professional football games are volatile, and the underdog may shine or get crushed just as quickly. In essence, depending on the sports betting site you chose, you can select a half-time score, a final match one, who scores first or last, even injuries and the weather.

  1. Parlays

In this case, things are not as complicated as they seem. You just take a game and make two or more bets on the same single event, like the half-time and the final score, for instance. Again, this is not the best pathway for players that are just starting.

  1. Point total 

Here, you have to focus on both the Green Bay Packers and their opponent. You have to figure out the total points scored by all sides, and you have to bet against the bookmakers’ approximation. You predict more points than them and bet over the line, or less and go under the number. 

Whatever you are planning to do, you need to remember two things: be smart with your bets (don’t spend too much money!) and enjoy the thrill that our favorites, the Green Bay Packers, give us every time they’re on the field!

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