Top 5 Greatest Moments in Packers History

It is always exciting to watch the Green Bay Packers in action. They are one of the most formidable teams of the NFL. From appearing in the playoffs almost every year to winning four Super Bowl championships, the Pack has pretty much done it all. The team has a roster full of talented players who always overdeliver and leave their blood and sweat out on the field. This is what makes their every game a must-watch. I am a big fan of the team and usually watch the game highlights on YouTube thanks to Cox internet. And who can blame me for it? I mean they are just that good! 

The Green Bay Packers share a rich history that is filled with lots of victories. Since being formed in 1919, the team has delivered many memorable moments. Let’s now have a look at some of them. 

#1.  Bart Starr Rises to the Occasion 

In 1967, the Green Bay Packers team was not all that impressive. This is what makes their championship run incredibly impressive. The highlight of the season was the NFL championship game which was played between them and the Dallas Cowboys. The duel was held on New Years’s Eve. The playing conditions were not at all favorable for both teams, though. This is because the temperatures at that time were plunging 13 degrees below zero. Yes, you read that right! And you know what? There was a wind chill of 48 below zero too. 

It was easily one of the coldest games in the history of the NFL. But something truly spectacular happened during this game. Bart Starr from the Pack led the team to the 1-yard line. It was his winning QB sneak that led the team to win its second Super Bowl in two weeks.

#2. Recruiting Favre

The Green Bay Packers enjoyed an immense amount of success during the ‘60s. However, they quickly ran into a rough patch and couldn’t really perform well. This bad spell lasted for over two decades. In 1992, the general manager of the team Ron Wolf acquired Brett Favre from Atlanta Falcons. Just before the trade, however, the doctors advised Wolf not to do it as Favre had avascular necrosis in his hip. But he stuck to his decision. And soon, the Packers started to perform well again and went on to become one of the best franchises in the league. 

#3. Desmond Howard Stuns the Audience 

Desmond Howard is a world-class football player who is really good at what he does. And during the 1996 season, he proved just why he is one of the best talents in the world. He was playing for the Packers at the time. It was the Super Bowl between the Packers and New England Patriots. Even though both sides were giving it their all, the Patriots were in the lead in the first quarter, 14-10. It was time for the Packers to pull off a miracle and they did just that when Howard took a kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown. It put the game out of reach and helped the team to win their first Super Bowl in almost three decades. 

#4. Beating the Bears in the NFC Championship

The Green Bay Packers have a strong rivalry with the Chicago Bears. Both teams really can’t stand one another. And there are always fireworks when they two collide. In 2010, the two sides went at it again, this time for the NFC Championship. The game was held at the Soldiers Field. When the dust was settled, it was the Packers that emerged victoriously to win the George Halas Trophy for clinching the conference title. This was a sweet, sweet moment for the fans of the Packers, the one they might never ever forget. 

#5. Aaron Rodgers Joins Packers

2005 is the year that many Packers fans are going to remember. This is because that year, something amazing happened. It was the draft season and the team still had Favre. However, when it was realized that Aaron Rodgers was available, the team didn’t pass on him and drafted him anyway. At the time, it was a confusing decision and Favre too was a little unhappy about it. But it later all made sense when the Packers started to dominate their competition with and would win Super Bowl 45.


And there you have it! These are five of the most unforgettable moments of the Green Bay Packers that no fan can ever forget. They are a great team who are currently gearing up to dominate the 2021 season. Will they be able to topple their competition to win the Super Bowl for the fifth time? Only time will tell but let’s hope that they get to the playoffs again!

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