Spiraling Packers need to get well now


The Green Bay Packers have lost two straight games and while at 3-3, they are not out of anything. Not even the division title with the Vikings history of choking down the stretch. But they hanging on by a thread. If they were to lose to the Washington Commanders on Sunday and fall to 3-4 it might be the death knell on their season. They are not beating the Bills so the best they could finish this three game road trip would be 4-5 if they beat the Lions in two weeks.

Losers of five of their last eight games the Packers haven’t been in dire straights like this in a long time. The Packers will be facing a backup quarterback yet again when Taylor Heinicke starts in place of Carson Wentz. Last year in Lambeau Field Heinicke was 25 out of 37 for 268 yards. He also rushed for 95 yards. But he also threw an interception and lost a fumble on the goal line. The Packers won 24-10.

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World beaters they are not

Under Wentz the Commanders won their opener over Jacksonville then lost four straight. They beat the Bears last Thursday night without scoring a touchdown to sit at 2-4. The case can be made that Heinicke is an upgrade over Wentz so the Packers better ready for another dogfight.

For once the Packers won’t be going against a top ten defense. Washington is 20th. They are 24th against the run. The Packers are 26th in case you were wondering. This game may be over in two-and-a-half hours if both teams commit to the run. Packers head coach Matt LaFleur says he will every week but never does. I don’t think he knows how to design running plays. At least not ones that work consistently. There is no Packer Sweep they can go to and make it work even when the opponent knows it’s coming.

Maybe this is the week they can get the running game going. It looks like the weather is going to be shiitty again so that will hurt the Packers already putrid passing game. I said I wasn’t going to pick the Packers until they put two good halves together, but I just can’t see them losing this game. Aaron Jones will be the workhorse and the Packers squeak out a 17-14 win.

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