3 Essential Moves For The Green Bay Packers in 2024

As the Packers entered the 2023 season, it was clear that general manager Brian Gutekunst had a plan for the future. Winning a championship seemed to be the team’s steadfast ambition. The 2024 season is the next chance for the Packers to fulfill their ambition. They’re clearly in a developing phase at the moment and are seemingly looking more at the 2024 season than focusing on the current 2023 season.

It’s possible to follow the development and take a look at some NFL picks for both the Packers and their NFL competitors. You can also check out the latest odds and predictions on all the NFL matches of the season. Perhaps next season will be the time to be betting on the Packers in the playoffs, but to get there, the team needs to adjust a few things in 2024.

Offensive Tackle

There’s no getting around the need for a new offensive tackle. There has been a hole in the offensive since Bakhtiari’s injury, even though Rasheed Walker has been filling in splendidly. There’s no guarantee that Walker will continue at this spot, so it might not be a bad time for the Gutekunst to consider adding a new star player on the offensive line. One suggestion could be the talented left tackle Joe Alt, currently playing at the University of Notre Dame. Another sublime player to consider is Jonah Williams, currently playing at the Cincinnati Bengals.

Interior Offensive Line

It looks like the entire offensive line could use some rearranging going into next year. At the moment, it seems like it is only left guard Elgton Jenkins who’s ensured a starting position in the upcoming season. It’s a known Packers’ strategy to move former offensive tackle players inside. This might be the model again this season. They do need some force and edge on the interior offensive line. A potential player could be Zak Zinter from Michigan. It could also be Connor Williams, currently playing at the Miami Dolphins, who could very possibly be just what the Packers need right now.

Wide Receiver

One thing that the Packer truly needs in order to excel is more receivers. Many of the young players who have gotten the chance this season have been delivering quite underwhelming performances. This is true for Jayden Reed, Romeo Doubs, and Christian Watson, who’ve all had their problems in one way or another. What the Packers could really need is at least one more receiver to help the team level up. One prospect could be Keon Coleman from Florida State. He’s been having quite the year, so it might not be the worst time for the Packers to snatch him. Then there’s Michael Pittmann Jr., who was also a popular name in the 2020 draft cycle. Back then, the Packers went with Love, but now might be the time to team up with Pittmann.

It’s going to be interesting to follow Gutekunst’s plans after this season and the changes he’ll surely make before entering the 2024 season with The Green Bay Packers. It could seem like there’s going to be some adjusting and transferring quite a few places in order for him to take the Packers to the highest level and all the way to the Super Bowl.

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