Thompson drops the ball on this one

You all know I’m a Ted Thompson supporter, I like the the team he has built that has been to the playoffs two of the last three years and should make it again this year. But the Packers are not going to win a Super Bowl with John Kuhn at running back, so Thompson’s failure to land Marshawn Lynch for a measly 4th-round pick is inexcusable and the biggest mistake of Thompsons’ tenure in Green Bay.

Today the Vikings traded for Randy Moss and all of a sudden the Vikings are the division favorites again. Had the Packers’ gotten Lynch, that would not be the case. Thompson is afraid to make the big move that will get his team over the hump, instead it appears he is happy just being competitive year in and year out while staying well under the salary cap.

Thompson’s popularity has never been high and if he starts to lose supporters like myself, it might be the beginning of the end for him in Green Bay. I’m not ready to jump off the bandwagon, but I am extremely disappointed. Like I said, this team isn’t going anywhere with the running backs they currently have on the roster.

The Vikings have mortgaged the future for one year, which I don’t think is a good thing to do either, there has to be a happy medium there somewhere. Moss is 33 and judging by the first four games might have hit the wall that some receivers do about that age, but my guess is this trade will reinvigorate both he and Brett Favre and the Vikings’ offense will suddenly come alive. Bad news for Packers’ fans.

Favre has looked awful so far this year but we all know Brett and like Moss, he plays when he wants to play, my guess is he wants to play again now. Moss will become the sixth player to play in 17 regular season games if he stays healthy all year, as he will have missed both teams bye weeks. He will become the second player to play in back-to-back Monday night games.

Unless Thompson has something bigger up his sleeve, which is doubtful, the Packers may have lost the division title on Oct. 6 without playing a game. Until Thompson goes “all in” the Packers are likely to stay pretenders instead of contenders. I don’t understand it.

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  • LarryTex

    Well, Mark, I would not make a billion dollar (or any other amount) investment w/o a return other than to stroke my ego. Rick’s analysis shows why I continually harp about the bottom line – especially in Green Bay. In any case, you’re both right; and I have to admit I probably would not go see the Ironmen or watch them on TV.

    • http://Orlando Mark

      Thanks, LT. My thought is 1 AFC and ! NFC team share a club with contributed players. Any street free agents available to be brought up based on a coin flip then alternating claims.

    • http://Orlando Mark

      It costs money to develop players and I think it would do better than B league basketball. Maybe they can find a formula that works.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Interesting that, even as this “Butt emailing pics of his cock, etc” came out several months ago, it took a game w/the Jets and the NYC media to actually try to get it out there. I say try, cause I don’t see ESPN and NFL Network giving a shit, as they were more than happy to dish on Big Ben, Tiger Woods, Pac Man Jones and anyone who makes them a story. Goodell, the self proclaimed NFL cop whose cleaning up the NFL, wants nothing to do w/it. Then again it seems anything purple or Farve is off limits (guess he and Goodell are bigger than the NFL). He’ll leave it til Buttt retires same as the Williams’ boys as he continues to suspend the players he feels like. He’d probably ask the refs for calls for the purple if he though he could be sure that it wouldn’t get leaked. Butt in our ring of honor…..NO THANKS!!!!!

  • mel e mel

    Brett is obviously guilty or he would have sued the woman for defamation. This is old news but if anyone pursues this story they will lose access. The NY media dont care. Notice how you never see Belichek interviewed on ESPN, they investigated his cheating and they will never interview him again.

    • LarryTex

      Gee, I would have thought that he would have been suspended for “conduct detremental”, etc. Perhaps Goodell hasn’t seen the pics – on the other hand how would you know its his? Initials tatooed?

      • Reid

        I guess the could swab it for Chilly’s DNA?

        • Steve Cheez

          Couldn’t you just look for the third nut?

  • Doug R

    Best comment on pft:

    “That WAS too Favre’s crank in the picture. I recognized Chilly’s hand!”

    • Rick

      Must have been cold while shooting the picture…

      • Packer’s Advocate

        I’m not so sure that wasn’t Goodell’s hand………!

  • Packer’s Advocate

    And why would the Jets bring it up, w/the funny part being is that some are treating this like it is new news, just fabricated by the Jets before the big game, when it actually came out months ago). Oh yeah, why the Jets. They had to go through all the media shit and came up just shy of fines and sanctions from Goodell for some cat-calls and what have ya to a female reporter in their locker room. I can understand why they might be a little adjitated that Butt is emailing pictures of his cock to a female reporter and Goodell doesn’t want to hear about it, Favre doesn’t want to talk about and the national media doesn’t want to report it……………………….. Kinda reminds me of some of the great Packer fans on here who drink the Favre kool-aid. They care so much about the Pack that everything TT and MM does is shit, but it doesn’t seem to irritate them that our starting DLman (Jolly) has to set out he year as the Williams are in their 3rd season still not having served their suspension. How can you not be pissy over that if your a huge Packer fan??? Then again TT and MM are the biggest idiots ever but they expect the Packers to win every game by two or three TDs. Guess that says a little about their intelligence!!!!

  • iccyfan

    Well allright then; been out on the road traveling this week and stop in to see what the conversation is about Moss. No Moss, but too much Favre. I’m not going back further for fear of what I might see…

    • Rick

      Highpoints of previous 80 or so posts for iccyfan
      Sammy said:
      Larry, Larry Tex and other sensitives…when we say TT has an ego, call the coach Fatass or McLardy, or McFling (love that one), it does not mean we are not hard core Packer fans. Just the opposite, it really hurts, SO BAD, to watch the poor play calling, coaching decisions, and TT’s reluctance to fill in a few holes to put us over the top….a 4th for Lynch?…I would have been happy with a 3rd or maybe 2nd round draft pick. GB has a history of “taming” thugs by example and expectation as NE did with Moss….OH SHIT, I guess Moss is a Viking now. Who do we have back there to help Woodson???????!!!! (the one player TT took a chance on with character concerns). In sum, ‘eff you if you are offended by our rants….you should be at my house, with my brother and son on Sundays if you really want to hear some colorful language….the 82 inch Mitshubishi is in danger of assault if the Packers don’t make some moves!!!
      PS: As always, you are all invited anytime you are in Sundevil country!

      Some posts later Mel e Mel said:
      Lived in Mn 20 years I am personally happy they have moss because if they dont get it done you can pack their bags to LA! If they dont beat the Jets they pretty much have to run the table to catch up. By the way as Patriot the Jets found a way to contain him.
      Big picture I would rather face Moss on Vikes (with no other threats) than on the Pats with Welker and Brady. I also have no more venom for TT because everyone is on that bandwagon. TT has built a good team, thats his job.
      MM on the other hand is out of excuses. Take 1200 yards of any Offense and it becomes less effective simple math. Allegedly the excuse on Nance is that he missed a blitz pickup. Jordy can drop the ball, Tauscher cant block the average DE, Not too worry we have John Kuhn.
      We are going to see nothing but nickel and dime defenses until we have NFL running backs.

      Around post 60 Jay added:
      Well, here we go again. Now Deangelo Williams is the hot Packer trade rumor. I seriously doubt Thompson will do it, but I do think Deangelo Williams is a better RB than M. Lynch. I do like what it says here about Williams having no character issues, is a great teammate and is a smart football player.

      and few post later Jay said:
      I love this quote from a Saint’s fan:
      “About the only thing worth trading Marshawn Lynch for is a six-pack and agreeing that the Bills have to cough up bail money when he is thrown in jail. On the other hand, the Packers getting Deangelo is not good for the Saints or the rest of the NFC.”

      Kevin posted and called MM, TT etc. pussies of which I wrote a stupidly amusing reply
      And we were discussing the 18 game season pros and cons just before it flips to the newer posts.

      You sir are all caught up. :)

      • iccyfan

        Thanks, Rick – no way I was sifting thru 95 posts if a high percentage of them involved BF’s issue, which is kinda old news anyway. If you want to read an interesting story about athletes chasing tail, this week’s Sports Illustrated has a chapter from a new book on Mickey Mantle…

        I wonder why Sammy & his brother (paul) feel the need to mention the size of their television screens? What’s “McFling” mean?

      • Rick

        Uncle Teddy and Cousin Mc Fling

        AKA TT MM

        • iccyfan

          I know who they’re referring to but the cultural reference doesn’t mean anything to me. Is Cousin McFling a character in some cartoon or a SNL skit I missed? Seriously, I’m not that old; or is it I’m not old enough? I did a quick Google search on “Cousin McFling” and it returned nothing…

          Let me in on the joke guys!

          • Rick

            Just a purely made up name inspired by the thread and the crazy that is our collective mind. :)

  • Packer’s Advocate

    I’ve only a few days to have fun w/this cause I can only imagine the kool-aid drinking Butt buddies will take the same approach as Goodell, Butt and the national media and that’s just to keep this all quiet as possible til the game comes and goes on Monday night, then wait for it all to be forgotten…..

  • Doug R

    How can this story not be all over ESPN and the NFL Network? It’s amazing how much control the NFL can exert when it wants to quash a story. Now that the audio tapes are out there, my guess is this story will explode on the i-net and they won’t be able to contain it. Are they going to do the “Deanna cheering in the booth” on Monday night? What a joke.

  • Doug R
    • Rick

      I hope he gets a 4 game suspension for personal misconduct.

      • Packer’s Advocate

        There was the story by K. Siefert that it was weird seeing Butt w/his arm iced and positioned in a way that you couldn’t not miss seeeing it, for his media question and answer the other day. Especially since he doesn’t ice his arm. My guess, distraction for the reporters to help keep them from questions about him sending a certain lady pictures of his cock. I can’t imagine that all the Butt buddies couldn’t help but go online and take a look also.

      • Rick

        His arm was injured by Deanna punching him saying, ” You idiot!!”

        • packer_bob

          Did he send her pictures of his 3 testicles as well?

          • Rick

            That is not a third testicle….it is the top of Chilly’s head. He has his nose buried so far up Brett’s ass you see that his head is mistaken as a testicle.

  • LarryTex

    Late response, Mark, to the development league post. I didn’t mean to imply that I don’t agree; I do. Wouldn’t affect me much down here ’cause its all college and high school.
    As usual, however, I’d have to be convinced of the $#s. Like always GB is never flush with money, and if we ever bring in a worthwhile FA (ala Woodson) it most likely will deplete the reserve (ala REGGIE). I do know we did not have much, either in cash or players after the Reverend left except Brett, and w/o him we would not have been much ’97-’05. Not that I ever cared much for Sherman, but he WAS left with a team somewhat like Bengtson when St Vincent left.

  • Corky DeYulio-Geneva, NY Packer Backers

    Way to go, Brett. Way to dsrespect your wife who was just getting over her battle with cancer, your children, and your grandchild.
    More strories are surfacing about Favre solicitng other woman besides Sterger for sex. He just keeps showing how low of a character guy he is.
    What is the Jets’ organizatin doing giving out employees’ numbers without their permission?

  • roy jamison

    Good article on Desmond Bishop. Hope he comes up big tomorrow.