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  • Rick

    Time to head Billy Barooz again for Packers and beer 🙂

    Last Sunday it is was the freakin’ Rams game instead of the Pack on my local Fox affiliate. I was like WTF!!

  • Eric Dev

    This is from while watching the 2nd preseason game this year against the Seahawks.

    We need kuhn and jackson at HB all year with quinn leading the way at Fb. Perfect combo of power and speed. Kuhn is showing the one cut technique that a zone blocking scheme requires while jackson is playing the role of the speed, quick, finesse runner we drafted him to be. They are making grant look like a one trick pony. In this day in age running back by commitee is a needed part of an offense to keep defenses scared of the run game. Grant is an average verison of a 250 a year carry back. Thats not good enough to match the league standard set by commitees. Kuhn and Jackson complement each other so nicely, and with the crusher QJ leadin the way. they can pick up more than 2 yards a carry like grant.


  • Jack in Columbus

    Packers games are generally viewable free online (and occasionally the video and audio quality is pretty darned good) at: Ssssh. Don’t tell the NFL.

  • So much for the 18 game schedule. The carnage in week one ought to make people rethink this idea. Maybe a 17 game schedule on a trial basis.
    Grant was a very good back for us but for some reason this year he was getting more nicked up. I’d love to see Kuhn and QJ in the Elephant backfield they tried in the pre-season. I think we’ll be OK this week as long as we don’t fumble(Grant was very good at holding the ball).

  • Larry

    Anyone know anything about this Dimitri Nance, the newest member of the packers running back corp???

    It sounds like Atlanta tried to keep him by signing him to their 53 but he took the GB offer. Obviously bright but can he run???

  • Rick

    Packers sign Dimitri Nance from Falcons Practice Squad. 5’10″ 219lbs 4.5 to 4.6 speed

    Dimitri nance is a tough inside runner who is rarely tackled for a loss. He possess a thick, compact build perfect for his running style, and has nice vision and balance. He also displays good patience when waiting for blocks to set up and is a threat to catch the ball out of the backfield. Second High School player in Texas High School 5A history to have 3,000 yards rushing in single season. The other was Cedric Benson.

    Has a well built frame with defined arm muscles, thick thighs and calves, broad shoulders and tight waist and hips. Gets into Stride Quickly coming out of his stance, showing ability to pick and slide effortlessly through the holes. Has shown great pad level and natural soft hands catching the ball. More Quick than fast he explodes through the hole well. Will not hesitate to face up against larger pass rushers and shows good aggression and vision as a cut blocker.

    Lacks the second gear to win many long distance foot races, but compensates by taking good angles and showing above average cutting ability to redirect. Needs to show better awareness of stunts and blocking schemes, as he fails to locate the blitz and gets into poor position to make the block.

    Solid blue collar RB.

    • Rick

      He went Arizona State and is like a Pierre Thomas guy. Blue collar worked hard soft hands but unlike Pierre he is not a returner.

    • Steve Cheez

      Pad level- LOL
      Pass blocking- uh oh

  • I’ll take Kuhn over Green; don’t see where bringing back Green, again, does anything for the future. I, too, see some short yardage advantage w/ the bigger guys and a set up for a quick pop to a TE.
    Does Nance go right to the 53, I think he does if he came off their PS, right?

  • I’ll be at GB Curly’s in Hudson, WI on Sunday, wearing my #93 Gilbert Brown jersey. Say hi if you see me!