Stubborn, not stupid

The old saying goes: “you can’t fix stupid.”  Thankfully, stupid isn’t the issue for Packers leadership. It’s their pigheaded, “head-in-the-sand” stubbornness.  Along with countless experts and analysts, we could all see needed changes and course corrections Packers leadership could have … Continue reading

Crisis mode?

It’s not so much “that” they’re losing. It’s how they’re losing. The 2022 Green Bay Packers are built to win-now. 3-and-3 should not be a crisis, but strangely, after two ugly losses, it feels like just that. The expectations created … Continue reading

En Guard

The larger than life story of Elgton Jenkins versatility is overcooked. It turns out, he’s a guard. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You’ve heard of past Green Bay Packers offensive guards– Jerry Kramer, Gale Gillingham, Mike Wahle, Marco Rivera, … Continue reading

Is it really a trap?

We’ve all heard the classic sports cliché’s. It’s a “revenge game.” These teams “don’t like each other.” This is a “trap game.” My personal favorite, “pound-for-pound he’s a great player”– translation: the player is too small but he’s pretty good. … Continue reading